Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 15: Alex Vargas and Olivia Make a Deal

Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 15: Alex Vargas and Olivia Make a Deal

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Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 15 “Pencils Down” episode (original airdate March 24, 2016). Sally Langston is hosting the first major Republican debate between the party’s top three presidential candidates. No need to get into too many specifics, but there will be a light and a buzzer. So much happens before the candidates actually hit the stage. Get all the details in The Gladiator Report!

Burger-Gate 2016!: Focus groups show that the general public believes Mellie Grant is aloof and out of touch. So, it’s time to head over to Gettysburger for a Double Lincoln with cheese. Things are going well until Mellie makes a faux pas while describing her false past excursions to scarf down a serving of Freedom Fries.

A One-Woman Man: Susan Ross is suddenly less-than-stellar during her mock debate practice session. Liz orders David Rosen to fix whatever is wrong with her. He does. David dumps Elizabeth and declares that he’s in love with Susan Ross.

Monster Mash-Up: After Governor Vargas’s brother, Alex Vargas (Danny Pino), offers Olivia dirt on Susan Ross in exchange for dirt on Edison Davis, Papa Pope lets his daughter know that she’d be hurting someone who never did anything but be nice to her. Later, Liv learn her dad and her ex are actually in cahoots.

Meeting in the Ladies Room: Olivia confronts Jake about the bank accounts while seducing him. She has a message for her father. She wants Jake to tell Papa Pope that whatever game he’s playing that, in the end, she will win.

Cigarette Breakup: Susan asks the president why he cheated on his wife. She does this because she has doubts about David. Fitzlets her know that if she believes that someone is cheating then they probably are. The veep now knows what she has to do.

The Envelope Please: The time for the great debate has arrived. Susan heads out to the debate stage unaware that Olivia has just opened the envelope Alex Vargas provided. We have no idea what’s in there, but check out the look on Liv’s face once the veep’s secret catches her eye.

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