Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 16: Fitz and Olivia Keep It Real

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Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 16 “The Miseducation of Susan Ross” episode (original airdate March 31, 2016). It’s time for the great debate! Mellie Grant believes America loves Susan (Artemis Pebdani) and hates her. Olivia assures her that she will get her the Oval Office come hell or high water. She plans to expose Susan as a liar. Marcus takes Mellie to Los Angeles so she can be perceived as likeable on Jimmy Kimmel Live! That means reading Mean Tweets! Just how mean are those tweets? Let’s find out in The Gladiator Report!

What a Knockout!: Let the debate begin! The politically correct Mellie Grant is poised. The politically incorrect Hollis Doyle is a crowd-pleaser. The politically inexperienced Susan Ross is a deer in headlights. The president calls his veep during a commercial break to let her know that she only needs on good punch to turn things around.

Get Real: After Alex Vargas (Danny Pino) gives Olivia more dirt on Susan Ross, Fitz pays a visit to the OPA offices. He’s looking to keep it real with Liv regarding the situation with his veep.

Respect Your Papa: Frankie Vargas doesn’t want to use the rumors about Edison Davis being addicted to painkillers. Nevertheless, the news breaks. Edison orders Papa Pope to pull in the reins on his daughter. That was a mistake.

A Story of Defiance: Fitz tells Susan that he can make her problem go away. Or she could just come clean. He wants her to earn the office of the president. That’s not something he ever did. Fitz shuts the door so the two of them can have some privacy. He has a little story to tell.

Keeping It Clean: Susan and David are living out a fake relationship. It’s all Elizabeth’s (Portia de Rossi) idea. David wishes that it could go back to being a real relationship. He loves her. Susan assures him that he’s nothing more than a prop to her though. Elsewhere, Olivia and Fitz share a drink. They both agree to run clean campaigns from here on out.

Mean Girl: Marcus takes Mellie to Los Angeles so she can go on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to read some Mean Tweets. Marcus reads some about himself to prove a point. Who knew he had such a “high booty?” Marcus wants Mellie to show the world that she can laugh at herself. So she reads some Mean Tweets!

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