Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 18: Does Jake Get Married?

Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 18: Does Jake Get Married?

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 18 “Till Death Do Us Part” episode (original airdate April 21, 2016). A flashback shows a young Jake sitting on the porch playing with some toy army soldiers. Inside the house, his father is heard berating and beating his mother for interfering with his evil late night visits to their daughter’s bedroom. Years later, an incarcerated Jake (Scott Foley) receives a visit from Papa Pope (Joe Morton). This is the first time the two of them ever met. Let’s find out more in The Gladiator Report!

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Not Married Yet: The guest list for Jake and Vanessa’s wedding comes in at about 600 people. It’s as high profile of a wedding as they come. Olivia (Kerry Washington) wants to get more information from Jake by exploiting his weakness, which happens to be her.

Something to Talk About: At the White House, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) admits to Jake that he’s surprised that he’s getting married. The conversation eventually turns into one about Olivia.

Good Thing Papa’s Not Home: Olivia tells Jake that he doesn’t have to get married. She retreats to her bedroom. She steps back into the hallway to find Jake standing there. The two of them share a passionate kiss.

The Wedding Planner: Olivia suggests Jake ditch Vanessa at the altar. This will destroy his political prospects going forward. It’s the perfect plan. Too bad Papa Pope knows all about it.

One Less Guest: Olivia lets Jake know that she can’t be with him. She unleashes some venomous words capping it off by saying that she will always choose Fitz over him.

Marriage of Inconvenience: Will he or won’t he marry Vanessa?

Pete Harris, We Hardly Knew Ya: Jailed Navy man Jake (who went by his real name of Pete Harris back then) is told he’ll be thrown out of the military and spend the next 10 years in prison unless he signs on to work with Papa Pope. It’s an offer he can’t refuse.

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