Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 19: Abby & Olivia Team Up to Take Down Hollis Doyle

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 19 “Buckle Up” episode (original airdate April 28, 2016). Presidential candidates Mellie Grant, Susan Ross and Hollis Doyle are off to Florida seeking the endorsement of Louise Baker (guest star Annie Potts), the governor of that fine state. A battle of wills between Olivia and Abby makes for some delays on their journey to the Sunshine State which leads to some unexpected confrontations. For more details and a recap of the episode, let’s go to The Gladiator Report!

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The Plane Truth: Olivia begins a press war with Abby over the bogus mechanical difficulties allegedly keeping Air Force One grounded thereby delaying all others takeoffs. Marcus suggests Mellie take charge of the situation. She does so by having a tarmac meeting with Fitz where she learns few truths about her campaign manager.

Floored: Susan Ross doesn’t say much at the big political dinner. When she does speak up, she pretty much puts the governor in her place. David says he was proud of her as he takes his place on the floor next to her bed. Susan tearfully admits that she forgot what type of a man he is deep down.

Gone in a Flash: Alex Vargas harasses Michael into helping him get dirt on Cyrus. After Cyrus admits that he’s sleeping with someone else, Michael is devastated. He turns over incriminating info to Alex, or so it seems.

Good Grieve: Huck tells Olivia that she should be at home. She needs to grieve after killing Andrew Nichols. Olivia says that she actually feels good about what happened. Huck doesn’t budge. He knows there more that needs to be said.

Dark Ops: Abby goes off on Fitz for how he overruled her. She runs him so he can run the country. That’s their jobs. Abby continues to rant. Then she breaks down. Everything that’s coming out is part of the aftershocks of Olivia’s killing of Andrew.

The Takedown: Olivia meets up with Abby, who calls out her former friend for how she treated her once she got a little power. Then Olivia declares that the reason she’s so angry is that she wants her White House back. Olivia and Abby know that they both lost today. Now they need to do what they should have done a long time ago.

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