Scandal Recap: Olivia Says "Yes" to Being the President's Mistress

Scandal Recap: Olivia Says "Yes" to Being the President's Mistress

Welcome to the official Scandal Season 5, Episode 2 recap for “Yes” (original airdate October 1, 2015). When we last left Olivia Pope, she and the president were dealing with the scandalous photos leak of the two of them. How will Olitz handle this latest curveball? Let’s find out in the Gladiator Report!

Presidential Poping: “The President’s about to get Poped.” These are Abby’s words to Elizabeth as everyone scrambles to deal with Sally Langston’s allegations that the leader of the free world is having an affair with DC’s number one fixer.

Two Little Words: Mellie wants Fitz to apologize. Handing her those divorce papers was just flat-out mean. Mellie is willing to deny Sally Langston’s story. All Fitz has to do is say those two little magic words. The president does just that. Unfortunately, they aren’t the words Mellie is hoping to hear.

Oh, Grow Up: The press corps is relentless with questions about the president and his secret lover. Cyrus gives Abby some tips on how to handle things. He advises her to be the adult. ‘Nuff said.

View from the Veep Seats: Fitz refuses to make any kind of a statement without Olivia by his side. He orders David to prove that Mellie leaked the photos. This directive tips off the vice president that the saucy pics are genuine.

Bed Buddies: Back in a hideout hotel room, Olivia admits that she’s scared. Jake assures her that’s a good thing. People are often at their best when they are afraid. It’s an adrenaline/focus thing. Olivia asks Jake to hold her as she details the shame she’s feeling.

You’ve Got Questions, She’s Got Answers: After Abby lays out how Liv is feeling, Fitz makes a call to Mellie. He says, “I apologize. Come home.” Later, dozens of reporters are waiting for Olivia. One asks if she is the president’s mistress. Olivia whips around. She pauses for just a moment. Then she answers the question.

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