Scandal Recap: Presidential Nominees Revealed in "Trump Card"

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 20 “Trump Card” episode (original airdate May 5, 2016). Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) agrees on a cease fire with Abby (Darby Stanchfield) until they take down Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry). She still wants some dirt on Susan Ross (Artemis Pebdani) just in case the fighting starts up again. Abby is also prepping for a possible war. She wants dirt on Mellie (Bellamy Young). Rowan (Joe Morton) gives it to her. For more details and a recap of the episode, let’s go to The Gladiator Report!

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Presidentially Poped: A Hollis Doyle smear campaign has little effect on the presidential candidate’s popularity. Hollis declares that he’ll make Mellie or Susan his vice presidential candidate. The honor will go to whoever drops out first. Olivia meets with Hollis regarding this deal, or so it seems.

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Edison Unplugged: In order to get out from under her father’s thumb, Olivia advises Edison (Norm Lewis) to say everything he’s ever wanted to say about Hollis Doyle. So he does. His is a full-on animated rant. It’s the type of speech that could cost him the presidency, which is the plan.

Dirty Politics: Olivia and team have enough dirt on Susan to get her to drop out of the race. Abby has something on Mellie, too. A meeting is set. It takes place in the Oval Office with a lot more participants than Abby was expecting. All the major players are there for a divulgence of dirt.

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Dumping David, The Sequel: David Rosen (Joshua Malina) tries to explain himself to Susan. He loves her. He thinks she’s amazing. Susan knows this. She just doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t truly believe in her. So she dumps him.

Not a Done Deal: Olivia is surprised to learn that the real dirt Abby had was actually about the abortion. Only Olivia doesn’t consider that dirt. The news wouldn’t have hurt her. It would have only hurt him. Olivia is surprised that her father is the one who give Abby the scoop. Papa Pope may not be done with her yet.

Let the Sun Shine In: Rowan/Eli/Papa Pope/Command pays Edison a visit. He knows Olivia was behind his move to tank his presidential run. Jake forcefully expresses his displeasure with what’s happened. Once Rowan leaves the room, he changes his tune.

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