Scandal Season 5 Finale Recap: That's My Girl

What happened on the season finale of Scandal? We have you covered. Welcome to the official recap for Season 5, Episode 21 “That's My Girl” (original airdate May 12, 2016). Jake (Scott Foley) shares an afternoon drink with Vanessa’s father. The conversation is pleasant, even touching, right up until the time Jake kills the guy. Papa Pope (Joe Morton) believes his new wife’s inheritance will help with his master plan. So Vanessa’s dad had to go. This is not exactly the best way for Jake to chase the sun. Can Olivia (Kerry Washington) save him? Who will be each presidential candidate’s running mate? Let’s find out in The Gladiator Report!

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Conventional Wisdom: Mellie (Bellamy Young) believes the speech Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) wants to give opening night of the Republican National Convention is an abomination. Maybe it was just a rough draft. Anyway, Mellie calls him out on it. Fitz assures her that his speech is the best way to help her. Mellie doesn’t buy it.

Show of Support: Fitz contemplates where he’ll end up after his White House run ends. Vermont pops up as a possibility. A short time later, Fitz finds a copy of Olivia’s medical records on Abby’s (Darby Stanchfield) desk. He appears to be furious. Olivia and Fitz meet in the Oval Office. The two of them have a seat. Fitz admits that he misses her amongst other things.

Gun to the Head… What Would You Do?: Olivia bursts into her father’s home declaring that Jake is about to be announced as Mellie Grant’s running mate. She wants the future veep candidate to exit the premises with her. Papa Pope holds a gun to Jake’s head. It’s a standoff, a showdown.

Seems Like Old Times: Eli “Papa” Pope blackmails Cyrus (Jeff Perry) to convince him to add Jake as Frankie Vargas’s running mate. He’ll expose the Harrisburg hostage setup if he doesn’t get what he wants. Cyrus goes to Olivia for help.

Take This Job and Love It: Jake doesn’t want to be vice president. He’d rather move into a quaint little house with Olivia. He dares her to be normal. That’s not going to happen. Olivia doesn’t want to live an unimpressive life. Jake gets the picture.

A View from the Veep Seats: Cyrus dumps Tom, who is crushed. Assassins can be so fragile. Cy is getting back together with Michael. All this transpires as Frankie Vargas is about to announce his running mate. Mellie’s V.P. is introduced as well. Many watch this event from the comfort of their own homes—one proud papa in particular.

Watch the full episode of the Scandal Season 5 finale here. And keep those suits on, Gladiators. We'll see you when Scandal returns for season 6!! 


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