Scandal Recap: Fitz Takes Olivia on a Date & Mellie Wants to Impeach

Scandal Recap: Fitz Takes Olivia on a Date & Mellie Wants to Impeach

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5 Episode 4 “Dog-Whistle Politics” (original airdate October 15, 2015). The press is on a relentless pursuit to learn anything and everything about the president’s alleged mistress. Olivia Pope is headline news these days. How’s she dealing with that? What are her fellow gladiators doing about it? Oh, and what’s the deal with Lazarus 1? Let’s find out in the Gladiator Report!

Girl Walks Into a Bar: Former neighborhood activist Marcus Walker saw his rising political career derail after he slept with the mayor’s wife. The guy’s flat broke. Things are looking up though. Quinn offers him a job in the middle of the familiar “gladiator in a suit” speech she once received. How does Marcus respond?

Gladiator Walks Up to the Press: After initially turning down the OPA job offer, Marcus is ready to gladiate. Marcus defies Quinn and Huck’s direct orders by attacking the press. Their new strategy is to accuse the media of dog-whistle politics, aka racism, sexism, misogyny and more. See how he kicks things off.

Losing It, Just a Little Bit: Olivia is feeling rage over all the nameless cowards on the Internet who claim they would like to rape her. She rants over how she’d like to handle them during a phone call to Fitz, who orders her to turn off her computer. Olivia sobs while insisting she’s fine. See if you agree.

Hide the Hurt, Seek the Peace: Mellie is caught off guard when the Senate Women’s Caucus lets her know that they want to impeach the president. It could be her chance to claim the White House. Later, Mellie catches Fitz playing hide-and-seek with Teddy. It’s a sweet family moment that leads to an unexpected agreement. See what it is.

A French Kiss: After Papa Pope pontificates about how his daughter is responsible for his current lot in life. Jake recruits Charlie to go to Paris with him to deal with the Lazarus 1 situation. They meet up with a beautiful woman named Elise. She knows Jake well. Check out this next clip to see just how well.

A Has Beene: Cyrus Beene looked upon Fitz like he was his son and you always want to protect your children. Cyrus can no longer do that. He lets Mellie know that at least her son is dead. Nothing bad can happen to him anymore. See how a horrified Mellie reacts.

Save the Date: The Presidential motorcade makes its way down Wisconsin Avenue into a residential area. One of the residents there just happens to be Olivia Pope. Fitz pops up to her apartment. Olivia wants to know what he’s doing. Fitz tells her he’s doing the right thing. He’s taking his girlfriend out on a date.


Jake Goes to See Papa Pope!|What does the Louvre burning have to do with Rowan?|The Louvre is on fire, but it seems like no one cares. The only thing being covered by the news is the lack of comment from the White House about a presidential affair. Jake cares, though -- and he immediately goes to see Papa Pope. Watch this scene from Scandal Season 5 Episode 3, "Paris Is Burning," and don't miss Scandal ABC THURSDAYS 9|8c.

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