Scandal Recap: Fitz Rehires Cyrus in Episode 5 “You Got Served”

Scandal Recap: Fitz Rehires Cyrus in Episode 5 “You Got Served”

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 5 “You Got Served (original airdate October 22, 2015). In a unanimous decision, the senate is launching an investigation to see if President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) has committed any impeachable offenses. David Rosen (Joshua Malina) lets his boss know that he needs a lawyer. Oh, and he also needs to steer clear of talking about this situation with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), who has an unexpected way of dealing with her own PR nightmare. Let’s see what it is in the Gladiator Report!

Who Ya Gonna Call? Dustbuster!: Olivia pastes images on the big board regarding the latest OPA case. The clippings, photos, headlines in this particular instance are of Olivia Pope. The team needs some outside help on this one. Guess who they call!

Really Good Television: Leo blows a gasket when he discovers that Fitz gave his client a family heirloom. Olivia goes on national TV to talk about the ring in question and the affair. When the subject of regrets comes up, she admits that she wishes she’s never laid eyes on the president. See why:

Let’s Get It On, But Still Keep It Off the Record: Marcus learns that the investigative committee has the videotape from Olivia’s kidnapping. Olivia pulls Fitz into bed with her. She cranks up the music to let him know about the tape situation. This information is relayed during lots of kissing and straddling.

Typecasting: Jake (Scott Foley) is surprised when Olivia pops by his place. His “old friend” from Paris, Elise, provides them with some privacy, but not before planting a little territorial PDA kiss on him. Later, Jake pays a visit to Olivia. He clues her in on the fact that she has a type. Any idea what it is?

When Things Come Full Oval: After drinking wine and scarfing down brownies with Mellie (Bellamy Young), Cyrus (Jeff Perry) gets a call. It’s from a guy who lives in a big, white house. Wonder what he wants.

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