Scandal Pops: Watch Video Recap for Season 5 Episode 5

Scandal Pops: Watch Video Recap for Season 5 Episode 5

Attention Gladiators! Scandal Season 5 is already off to an explosive start! To help you keep up with all the hot happenings in DC, has created a recap video series called "Scandal Pops." Each week we'll be bringing you a new video filled with all the jaw-dropping, gut-wrenching, can't-miss key moments from the most current episode. If you miss an episode (or just want to watch your favorite scenes over and over again), don't fear because "Scandal Pops" will have you covered. Need even more details? Make sure to head over to The Gladiator Report to see how everything went down. Watch the latest full episode of Scandal Season 5, Episode 5 "You Got Served" here.

Watch "Scandal Pops" for Scandal Season 5, Episode 4 "Dog-Whistle Politics" 


Watch full episodes of Scandal here. All-new episodes air THURSDAYS 9|8c on ABC.


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