Scandal Recap: Fitz and Mellie Divorce, Are There Wedding Bells for Olitz?

Scandal Recap: Fitz and Mellie Divorce, Are There Wedding Bells for Olitz?

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 6 “Get Out of Jail Free (original airdate October 29, 2015). It’s Impeachment Week! Mellie (Bellamy Young) is blindsided by testimony given by Jeannine “Fitz is freakin’ hot” Locke, the woman who was approached by the First Lady to lie about having a presidential affair. Mellie is going down in flames, but the president can invoke Executive Privilege. Olivia (Kerry Washington) doesn’t have to testify either. All she has to do is marry Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)! Is it a nice day for a White (House) wedding? Let’s find out in the Gladiator Report!

I Do-Over: After the OPA gladiators testify, Olivia makes plans to perjure herself. Abby (Darby Stanchfield) doesn’t want her to go to jail. Perhaps getting married should be put back on the table after an initial poo-pooing of the idea. Fitz thinks so. That’s why he does a do-over with a romantic marriage proposal. See how that all works out for him.

What Lies Beneath: Jake’s ex-wife/current lady love, Elise, is supposedly helping Rowan/Eli/Ex-Command/Damascus Bainbridge/Papa Pope with a prison escape plan. Actually, she’s trying to kill him. In related news, Olivia calls upon Mellie to release the man she knows as Damascus Bainbridge. Secrets are revealed. Devastation ensues.

The Devil Is in the Details: Fitz and Mellie work out the details of their divorce. The meeting is quietly contentious. Then Fitz declares that there’s nothing left for her to take. This angers Mellie greatly. See how that quiet contentiousness that was there earlier suddenly gets a lot louder.

From Betsy Ross…: Olivia asks to see the engagement ring Fitz got for her. It once belonged to Betsy Ross. Liv slips on the rig. She agrees to marry Fitz. No wedding dress, no flowers and no vows. No problem.

To Susan Ross: Susan Ross pops by to see David (Joshua Malina). She’s looking to quit her job as Vice President of the United States. All she has to do is send a letter of resignation. David wants to know why she would ever send such a letter. Wine coolers are ordered to get a frank discussion rolling. Sweet!

Weddings Never Start on Time: Jake (Scott Foley) doesn’t want to hear anything Olivia has to say when she calls him about her impeding nuptials. He’d much rather help Elise carry out her plan. Later, Olivia is briefed by the Secret Service just before her marriage ceremony on how her life is about to change. The conversation is interrupted by a call from Mellie. Find out what she wants. 

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