Scandal Pops: Watch Video Recap for Season 5 Episode 6

Scandal Pops: Watch Video Recap for Season 5 Episode 6

Another jaw dropping, fast-paced,Scandal-ous week in D.C., another Scandal Pops!

Welcome to Impeachment Week lovers of liberty! Or so says Sally Langston. Mellie is called to testify, and well, let’s just say she wasn’t prepared for the ruthless Senate members. If the judiciary committee succeeds, the whole Grant administration is going down. Which leads to…

Plan A: The Wedding being pitched by none other than the reinstated Cyrus Beene. Fitz believes the rather unromantic walls of the Oval Office are to blame for Olivia’s look of disbelief. The president decides to give Olivia a beautiful, romantic do-over proposal on the White House balcony. But something says Olivia is still not convinced.

In fact, she seems rather tempted by Plan B: Papa Pope. Sure, B6-13 might be dead for now, but secrets never die. Olivia comes to Mellie with a way out for all of them—releasing Rowan in exchange for the investigations to disappear.

Meanwhile, the first White House Divorce takes place above ground. Custody papers are signed, blame is placed, and tempers flare between Fitz and Mellie. Mellie is done with Fitz’s pity party and she shows him what her life could have looked like without him.

It looks like Fitz will be holding onto his newly single status for a while longer because The Wedding and Impeachment Are Off! Mellie shares her newfound view of Olivia—not as her enemy but as her savior. As the trials mysteriously disappear, two condemned characters reappear as Mellie’s new allies…

Need a closer play-by-play? Read The Gladiator Report to relive every detail and watch the latest full episode of Scandal Season 5, Episode 6 “Get Out of Jail, Free” here. All new episodes air THURSDAYS 9|8c on ABC. 

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