Scandal Pops: Watch the Recap Video for Season 5 Episode 7

Scandal Pops: Watch the Recap Video for Season 5 Episode 7

Scandal Pops here again to catch you up on all the dirt in the underbelly of D.C.

Jake Confronts Olivia as she walks back into her apartment to find him on her sofa. Unfortunately, he's not here for a friendly catch-up. No holds barred, he observes that she has become just like her father. Olivia is having none of it and asks Jake to leave. Before he goes, he leaves her with a chilling kiss. 

The Hunt for Rowan Begins as Fitz decides to outsource the task from the government to none other than Jake Ballard. To Olivia's surprise, Jake comes strolling into the office with a very clear-cut view of how he's going to handle the situation.

It's clear that disgust wasn't the only thing between these two as David and Liz Hook Up! What?? Coming off a rant of how much he hates Liz's tall blonde stature, David doesn't take long to get under it. 

Is that President...Pope? A lot of people are telling Liv who she is this week as Cyrus tells her that she is in control. Cyrus is the man behind the president, but that president isn't Fitz. It's Liv. Though she resists at first, Liv takes her newfound power in full stride as she tells Fitz how to run the country.

Need more details? Read The Gladiator Report to relive every detail and watch the latest full episode of Scandal Season 5, Episode 7 “Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance” here. All new episodes air THURSDAYS 9|8c on ABC.

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