Scandal Pops: Watch the Recap Video for Season 5 Episode 8

Scandal Pops: Watch the Recap Video for Season 5 Episode 8

 Watch "Scandal Pops" for Scandal Season 5, Episode 8 "Rasputin"

Scandal Pops is back this week to catch you up on D.C.'s drama!

Wanted: Papa Pope is on the run this week as he shows up in Olivia’s office building. While she’s sure he has some scheme up his sleeve, it really looks like he’s being hunted this time. Rowan warns Olivia that there’s a new devil in town, and it’s one of his former sons.

Olivia Pope Gets Arrested as Cyrus mind-tricks David into getting the FBI involved. The clock is officially up for Olivia to tell Fitz the truth before he was told. The FBI show up to put Miss Pope in handcuffs—not something you see everyday! Fitz rushes into the interrogation room and quickly uncuffs her. There’s no way she could have done something like this. Right??

Things Change in Washington after Fitz finds out the truth about who released his son’s killer from prison. To Olivia’s surprise, she seems to have walked free. However, she discovers that all her belongings are being moved into the White House. In answer to her confusion, Fitz replies that the White House is her new home now. He will keep her safe—at all times. Guess those cuffs didn’t really come off.

Who Has Rowan? It looks like Olivia isn’t the only Pope that lost their freedom. Rowan finds himself bound to a chair in an empty warehouse and turns to see his captor walking toward him...

Need more details? Read The Gladiator Report to relive every detail and watch the latest full episode of Scandal Season 5, Episode 8 “Rasputin” here. All new episodes air THURSDAYS 9|8c on ABC.

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