Scandal Season 5 Premiere Recap: Fitz Serves Mellie with Divorce Papers

Scandal Season 5 Premiere Recap: Fitz Serves Mellie with Divorce Papers

Welcome to the official Scandal Season 5 Premiere recap for “Heavy Is the Head” (original airdate September 24, 2015). When we last left Olivia Pope, she was making out with the President of the United States on a White House balcony. Yes, politics makes for really hot bedfellows. While Olivia is back in Fitz’s arms, Cyrus and Mellie are still on the outs with him. What’s next for Olitz, Cy and Commonwealth of Virginia’s next senator? Let’s find out in the Gladiator Report!

Wonder if She’ll Get a Drawer: The President is throwing a party. Sally Langston lets her TV audience know that the bash may just be a way to get chummy with a visiting queen in order to build a naval base on her home turf. Sally believes her former boss is hiding secrets. She has no idea how true that is especially when it comes to his hot White House sleepovers with Olivia Pope.


Lizzie Bears Claws: Elizabeth is summoned to Mellie’s office. Her four-part response as to why she betrayed Virginia’s next senator is highlighted by the declaration that she’s now the one standing by the side of the most powerful man on the planet.


The Blindsided: After checking on a housebound Huck, Olivia visits the Oval Office where she convinces Fitz to attend Mellie’s swearing in. Abby is blindsided by this in the White House press room. As for Mellie, she’s blindsided by the divorce papers she’s handed.

The Fix Is Not In: Mellie pays Cyrus a visit. The latter part of their discussion is about how Fitz doesn’t want them anymore. As for Huck, he’s slowly starting to come out of his funk. He’s been waiting for Olivia to fix him so he can go home to his family. That’s not going to happen. 

Waiting Is Overrated: After taking down an evil queen, Olivia returns to the White House to convince Fitz to wait until they are both ready to go public with their relationship. Abby interrupts an intimate moment on a White House balcony to let the Fitz know that there’s something he needs to see. Sally Langston has exposed Fitz and Olivia's relationship on national television for the whole country to see -- and she has photos as proof.


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