Celebrating Joe Morton's Emmy Win: Papa Pope's Greatest Moments!

Celebrating Joe Morton's Emmy Win: Papa Pope's Greatest Moments!

To celebrate Joe Morton's 2014 Emmy win, we are declaring Rowan/Eli/Command/Papa Pope “Father of the Year.” To fully appreciate this great honor, take a look at some of his finest moments from Season 3. It'll be good prep for the SEASON 4 PREMIERE THURSDAY SEPT 25 9|8c.

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Most Confusing, Complex, Cheek-Cupping Father-Daughter Exchange Ever: In “It’s Handled,” we learned that Olivia’s dear old dad always tried to teach her a valuable life lesson. You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have. Makes sense if you do the math. Rowan asked his daughter if she had to be so mediocre before gently looking to cup her cheek. It was a complex, unsettling, head-scratching back-and-forth.

Rowan Has a Fix for Olivia's Problem|Game over, Daddy's home.|After making sure Olivia knows Power is in power, her father tells her to disappear on the plane come hell or high water.


Sundays with Dad: Spending time with family is important, even when you don’t want to.

Rowan Tries for a Second Chance|He admits he made mistakes, he apologized.|Rowan apologizes for sending Olivia away in the past, but he's trying for a second chance with her now.


Oh, Boy: No dad is ever going to think anyone is good enough for his daughter. In “A Door Marked Exit,” Fitz plans to detain Rowan until Olivia’s mom is free. He wants to know why he was ordered to shoot down that plane if Maya was already in custody. He also reveals the intimate details of what he does with Olivia. That may have been a mistake as evidenced here.

Rowan Tells Fitz He's Just a Boy|Rowan lets Fitz know just how disappointing he is as a suitor for Olivia.|Rowan lets Fitz know just how disappointing he is as a suitor for Olivia. Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 310: A Door Marked Exit.


Divorce is Hard on the Kids: Not all families should share meals together. In “The Fluffer,” Harrison employs his contact Claire to get info on Olivia’s mom, who has come out of hiding. Mama Maya crashes the dinner her daughter is having with her dad. She’s there to tell Olivia to find a new line of work because what she’s doing now is just too dangerous. Can’t you just feel Rowan’s helplessness as his ex threatens their little girl.

Maya Joins Liv and Rowan for Dinner|The knives at this family dinner table aren't for cutting steak.|Maya joins Rowan and Olivia's Sunday dinner to share a little warning: Olivia should pick a safer line of business. Rowan returns Maya's threat with one of his own—he's a patient man, but vengeful with a very long memory. Knives are drawn. Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 316: The Fluffer.


Rowan Quotes: Here are a few of the more memorable lines from Olivia’s dear old dad:

“The mammoth gets all the glory, but the mastodon was the far more dangerous beast.”

“We are family, sweetheart. We’re never done.”

“That’s a matter of national security and it’s above your pay grade, Mr. President.”

“You… Are… A… Boy!”

“You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter’s hand.”

“You’re skipping around in a field full of bombs and mistaking them for daisies.”

“The greatest weapon I can use against him calls me Dad.”

“Run, Olivia. Run.”

“You are A-Lone!”

“Families, well they uh, they stick together.”

“I’ve waited a long time… a very long time to kill that man. I’m sorry that when the opportunity finally arose that it was here in your office.”

Eli/Rowan/Command Loves Liv: After he pulls through from a life-saving surgery, we learn the former head of the most lethal organization in the land is the kind of dad who’d do anything for his daughter.

Rowan Tells Olivia He Loves Her|Rowan doesn't like Fitz, but he does love Olivia.|Olivia visits Rowan in the hospital. It's a miracle he survived. They have a sweet father-daughter moment. Rowan comforts Olivia, telling her he loves her and wishes he could help her. Watch this sweet scene from Scandal Episode 318: The Price of Free and Fair Elections.


Dads Stick Together: In “The Price of Free and Fair Elections,” Rowan admits that he doesn’t like the president, but he knows what he would do if someone hurt his child. He vows to get vengeance for him. He vows to kill Maya Pope. Fitz gives him his blessing to do just that. It seems that everything worked out perfectly for Rowan. A little too perfectly. Harrison figures this out a little too late.

Rowan Is Back|You can't take Command, Son. No one can take Command. Right, Tom?|Harrison figures out all too late that Rowan was behind everything--Little Jerry's death, Adnan's murder, Olivia leaving on a jet plane. Now what is Rowan going to do to Harrison? Watch the puzzle come together in this scene from Scandal Episode 318: The Price of Free and Fair Elections.


Rowan is Father of the Year right now, but he'll be B613 forever. Share some of your favorite Rowan moments with us on Twitter!

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