Bellamy Young Wins at Critic's Choice Awards 2014

Bellamy Young Wins at Critic's Choice Awards 2014

Congratulations to Bellamy Young who magnificently plays First Lady Mellie Grant in Scandal! She just won the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series accolade at the 2014 Critic's Choice Awards. Well deserved!

Bellamy's portrayal of Mellie started many of us on a path of wanting to dislike the complicated character in Seasons 1 and 2 and then coming to sympathize and even root for her in Season 3. You, too? The secrets she's had to keep, the burden she's held all alone on her shoulders... we think Bellamy has done an incredible job and we can't wait to see more in Season 4! 

Watch some of our top Mellie moments from Season 3 right here:

Mellie Accidentally Reveals Her Secret to Olivia


Mellie Shoulders the Blame as Fitz Pins the Downfall of Their Marriage on Her


Drunk Mellie Lets Go with Andrew


Mellie Makes Clear She and Olivia are NOT the Same


Mellie and Fitz were Once Young and In Love


What was your favorite Mellie moment in any of the seasons? Be sure to share with and congratulate Bellamy on Twitter!


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