11 Things You Need to Know before the Scandal Season 4 Premiere

11 Things You Need to Know before the Scandal Season 4 Premiere

In order to dive into Season 4 of Scandal, we wanted to look back at a few of the top twists that went down toward the end of Season 3. One thing is for sure, change is coming for everyone in Olivia Pope’s world. So let’s take a quick look at 11 Things You Need to Know before the Scandal Season 4 Premiere.

#1 There was a death in the First Family: At Fitz’s political rally, his son Jerry started wheezing. Blood trickled from his nose and mouth. Mellie screamed for Fitz as their son collapsed to the ground. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead from an attack of bacterial meningitis. The blame was placed on Maya Pope.

#2 Vermont has been put on hold: Fitz believed he was going to lose the election. The dream of a future in Vermont took on new life until Olivia could stay silent no more about Mellie being raped by Fitz’s father. The First Lady assured her husband that she fought Big Jerry. Vermont will have to wait. There’s no way Fitz can leave Mellie now. 

#3 Vengeance made for some strange bedfellows: Rowan admitted that he doesn’t like the president, but he knows what he would do if someone hurt his child. He vowed to get vengeance for him. He vowed to kill Maya Pope. Fitz gave him his blessing to do just that.

#4 An odd couple in question: Huck and Quinn were caught in a compromising position about 15 feet from where Rowan was stabbed. It was a bit of a turn on for them. Whatever works, right? What’s next for these two? That remains to be seen after Charlie’s parting gift to Quinn, who had no choice but to tell Huck about his long lost family.

#5 There was still time to catch that plane: Olivia was ashamed that the first thing she thought about after Jerry died was that they had just won the election. She was devastated to learn that her mother is the one who supposedly killed the president’s child. She asked her father if his past offer to put her on a plane to a new life was still on the table.

#6 Jake asked to be saved…again. There was a point where Jake stood outside of Liv’s door declaring that he asked her to save him. She said no. Jake was down, but not out. So he asked again. This time she said yes.

#7 Rowan is Command…again: Rowan is the one who killed the president’s son. He did it with the help of Secret Service/B613 man Tom, who is the most quietly-lethal man in Washington. Everything worked out perfectly for Rowan. A little too perfectly. Harrison figured this out. So what does that mean for his fate?

#8 Maya Pope was caught…again. Rowan showed Harrison a picture of a dead Adnan Salif to convince him to help track down Maya. He later told the president that she was taken away and killed. In reality, she’s in the hole—not that anyone in the outside world knows this.

#9 Jake gave David a parting gift. He turned over gobs of B613 files with a note that read “go get the bad guys.” What will Mr. Rosen do with all this interesting new reading material?

#10 Fitz got four more years. Fitz won his second term. Cyrus and his entire campaign team were overjoyed. As for the big winner, he wasn’t feeling very presidential when he fell to his knees on the floor of the Oval Office. Vermont just got pushed at least another 15-hundred days. How will Fitz deal?

#11 Olivia quit OPA. Abby wasn’t happy. Huck was stoic. Okay, par for the course. Still, there are no more “over a cliff” moments on the horizon. In fact, we were left with no idea as to what the future holds for anyone. Perhaps some light could be shed if anyone knows the answer to this one question: Where on Earth is Olivia Pope?

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