21 Gladiator Salute!

21 Gladiator Salute!

With life in Washington still as scandalous as ever, we thought it fitting to give a 21 Gladiator Salute to the start of Scandal Season 4. So much has happened in just the first handful of episodes. Take a look at the below list of sexy, shocking, scandalous Season 4 moments. Then look for more to come in the weekly Gladiator report because, after all, we’re just getting started.

#1 Island Girl: Where on Earth was Olivia Pope? On an island off the coast of Zanzibar, that’s where. It’s always the last place you look, right? Liv was living the good life, catching some rays until someone blocked her sun.

We Found Olivia!|Olivia and Jake kiss in the sun 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar.|Olivia and Jake kiss in the sun 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar... until Olivia receives a mysterious letter than changes everything. See what Olivia discovers at the end of this steamy scene in paradise from Scandal Season 4 Episode 1: Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia.

#2 Father-Daughter Reunion: Olivia meets up with her father upon her return to DC. Rowan has a glass of wine waiting for her when she arrives at his favorite restaurant. They engage in some typical father-daughter small talk. For example, Liv wants to know if her dad killed her friend.

#3 Old Friends, New Gigs: Quinn has been looking for Liv in the old OPA offices. Huck works as a computer store tech expert who clues in customers on any seedy info he uncovers. Abby is the White House press secretary. She meets with Olivia about planning Harrison’s funeral. No arrangements are made. There’s just a lot of yelling.

#4 A Fallen Gladiator: After reluctantly taking on what was supposed to be a one-time case, Olivia is now officially ready to get out of town again, but not before attending Harrison’s funeral. Jake watches in the background as Abby, Quinn and Huck join Liv to say goodbye to their fellow gladiator.

OPA Reunites for Harrison's Funeral|They share an emotional goodbye to their fellow Gladiator.|Olivia, Huck, Abby, and Quinn share an emotional goodbye to their fellow Gladiator. By the end, Jake is comforting Olivia when he notices Rowan watching from afar. What is he doing there? Watch this emotional scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 1: Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia.

 #5 This Town Isn’t Big Enough: The best thing Jake sees about the return to Washington is that Gettysburger now has a rib sandwich. It has pickles and secret sauce. It’s called the Underground Railroad. Olivia, on the other hand, has other interests, and Jake knows it.

#6 Fitz 2.0: That’s what the press is dubbing the president these days. As for the First Lady, she rarely feels the need to even get dressed anymore. Mellie fills in Fitz on a few other changes after learning that Olivia is back.

#7 Island Girl and Boy: After a press conference that pretty much lets the world know that Olivia is back, she walks through the Capitol Building. Many others are there as well. But when Liv walks past the President of the United States, it’s as if they were the only two people in the room. It’s as if they were alone on an island.

Liv and Fitz's Paths Cross|It's like they're the only two in the room.|Fitz and Liv try to act like they aren't looking, but they're nearly reaching for one another, glowing inside for one another. They each walk away with a smile and we're left wondering what's next. Watch this powerful scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 1: Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia.

#8 When the Chips are Down: Mellie is caught on camera munching on potato chips in her bathrobe while seated on the ground at her son’s gravesite. This has the press questioning her state of mind. Fitz’s request for her to get it together for the State of the Union doesn’t go over well. So Cyrus joins Mellie for some fried chicken.

#9 Advice from Dear Abby: The new White House press secretary preps David for his confirmation hearing to become Attorney General. Her advice is aces. Later, Abby tries her hand at helping the First Lady.

#10 Advice From Dear Livvy: Fitz asks for a moment alone with Olivia before his State of the Union speech. He needs to know what she thinks. Olivia advises him to talk about the grieving that his family is still going through. Fitz goes off-prompter to pay tribute to his incredibly strong wife, who is seated in the gallery in a stunning dress.

#11 Floored: The president’s State of the Union speech is emotional, impassioned and stirring. It demands that they put a stop to gun violence. A rousing ovation follows. After the speech, Mellie crumbles to the floor in tears. She held it together in public. Now Fitz needs to keep her going in private.

Mellie Crumbles to the Floor in Tears|She showed up for Fitz, she held it together.|Mellie showed up for Fitz at the State of the Union address, she held it together in public. But only now do we see the toll that took on her. She's still mourning. Fitz is so sorry. Watch this heartbreaking scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 2: The State of the Union.

#12 Jake Is NOT a Kept Man: He is available for booty calls though.

#13 Actually, Jake IS a Kept Man: It’s not a booty call, yet it is in the literal sense.

Hottest Booty Call Ever|Olivia is ONLY wearing boots...|Olivia insists she does not do booty calls and that if she wants to summon Jake, she will. He starts to protest, but when she drops her coat... well, she's only wearing boots. Jake comes to her immediately. Watch this HOT Olake scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 2: The State of the Union.

#14 The Lonely Guy: Cyrus initially declines the flirtations of a good-looking man. Then he doesn’t. But Cyrus can’t go through with the liaison at the end of the day. We later see that the man, Michael, is in cahoots with Lizzy Bear. He confirms her suspicions that Cyrus is very lonely.

#15 Swing and a Hit: Fitz is counting on his new Attorney General to get a swing vote. Cyrus can see by the smile on David’s face that he’s happy to be inside the bubble. Unfortunately, the judge who is the deciding vote doesn’t decide in favor of the president. David digs into those big, bad B613 files to swing the vote with blackmail.

#16 Re-Entry Can Get Tricky: Olivia stops by to see her father, who explains to her that everything is different now that she’s back. Everything is colder. Olivia admits that she’s adjusting. Rowan invites his daughter over for dinner. Jake can come, too.

#17 Behind Closed Doors: Jake pressed David for info on the murders of Harrison and Adnan Salif. Olivia visits him while he’s digging for answers. Jake won’t let her in. After all, it’s not a booty call. Olivia reacts accordingly.

#18 B613-Man and Robin: Jake craves a deeper look into what went down after having caught sight of Rowan at the funeral. Surveillance footage indicates that Charlie may have been involved. There’s only one way he’ll talk. Charlie wants some alone time with Quinn.

Charlie Gets a Night with Quinn|Do you ever get lonely, Robin?|Charlie's price to give Jake all the details on Harrison's death is to get a night with Quinn. He gets his wish and reveals to his captive how lonely he's found himself lately. Quinn is adamant she's nothing like him, but gives in to his kiss. Watch this scene from Episode 3: Inside the Bubble.

#19 The Middle Woman: Fitz thanks Abby for all she’s done with his wife and he finally learns her first name. Abby then gives the president what he really wants out of their meeting. She lets him know how Olivia is.

#20 Command Cuisine: Jake lets Olivia know that he will join her for some Command cuisine at Rowan’s place. His change of heart comes after he finds video footage of Secret Service man/covert B613 operative Tom putting his hands on the president’s son just before he died. Dinner conversation is awkward until Olivia exits.

Liv Brings Jake to Dinner with Rowan|And ish gets real when Liv leaves the room.|Rowan hosts Olivia and Jake at his home for dinner. It's awkward. When Olivia leaves the room for a phone call, the men reveal their real intentions toward one another. A knife is involved and a serious murder threat. Watch this tense scene from Season 4 Episode 3: Inside the Bubble.

#21 Down the Scandalous Road: With all that’s happened so far in Season 4, let’s take one more look at what led up to all these events with a 3-minute recap of Season 3.

Scandal Season 3 in 3 Minutes|WARNING: Watch and you will be dying to see Season 4!|To get your blood pumping for Season 4, we’ve grabbed 3 vital minutes of Season 3 to set up where everything left off. Olivia is off on a plane with Jake. Fitz just won the election after losing his son. Harrison is in peril and Rowan is back on top. Don’t miss the Season 4 Premiere TONIGHT 9|8c!

What are your top Scandalous moments so far?

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