9 Reasons We're Now Afraid of Washington

9 Reasons We're Now Afraid of Washington

Watching Scandal is edge-of-your-seat amazing. Unless you're about to visit Washington, D.C. Then it might be edge-of-your-seat terrifying. Here are 9 reasons why:


1. Privacy? Not if this is your IT guy.


Randy is overqualified for his job.


2. David Rosen has a storage unit FULL of blackmail files and he knows how to use them.

 Pray none of the black files have your name on them.


3. Keeping a secret: 0 Superspy torturing you for info: 1 



If someone is approaching you with a toolbox: RUN!


4. It’s not unheard of for the guard who is protecting your children to murder one of them. 



And somehow we still love Tom. Off to reflect on this.


5. Upset Olivia Pope and she could destroy you.

As long as we're good guys, we should be safe though, right?


6. Upset Olivia Pope’s father and he will definitely destroy you.

 Yeah... being a good guy doesn't help you here.


7. Any number of your lovers may have killed someone. Or lots of someones.



There is no amount of bracing yourself for these answers. 


8. Despite that, how are you supposed to resist these situations? Ugh, problems.

Problem #1: Room 207 exists.

Problem #2: Alone in the Oval Office happens.


9. Planning a vacation from Washington? Oh Washington will find you… and suck you right back in. 

Happy Halloween, Gladiators! 

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