5 Olitz Basics: Why Liv and Fitz's Romance Is So Intense!

5 Olitz Basics: Why Liv and Fitz's Romance Is So Intense!

The forbidden affair between President Fitzgerald Grant and Fixer Olivia Pope is television's most painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love. So what about this couple keeps Gladiators on the edge of their seats and breathless each Thursday night? Let us show you!

1. "Some men aren't meant to be happy. They're meant to be great." The President's Chief of Staff and Liv's friend Cyrus Beene explained this painful concept in the Season 1 episode Grant: For the People. This has always been an insurmountable Olitz obstacle: Fitz and Liv could throw everything away to go live quietly in love. But then who would save the world? Beyond any doubt, their country needs them. But it's also assured their country wouldn't be able to look past their scandalous courtship if it found out. So there's no coming clean... at least, not yet.

A love like this isn't easily put on hold.


2. One Minute. So in the meantime, Liv and Fitz's relationship has been full of stolen moments. There are many reasons they must maintain a certain composure when they are together--not the least of which being that Fitz is married to First Lady Mellie Grant. But the passion between Olitz fills a room even if all they can do is be near each other in silence.

Fitz asks for one minute for the first time.


2 Years later, one minute with Liv is still everything to Fitz.


3. Vermont on My Mind. Even though Liv and Fitz are usually apart, they are always thinking about each other. Fitz even secretly built a house in Vermont for them to live in together one day. It's the dream, even if in many moments it feels so far off. What matters is that there's always still hope.


Don't sell the house. At least... not yet.


4. A Perfect Match. There are many talented professionals at the White House--but in a corrupt political landscape, good is never good enough to make a real difference. That's why it's so special when Liv and Fitz work together professionally even while they can't be together personally. Magic happens. And it's together. They are both crucial partners to their success.

Though they are always at risk of going off topic.


5. "Hi." "Hi." Liv and Fitz are both dazzlingly eloquent in their professional lives, but when it's just the two of them, their armor falls off. Suddenly they're mere mortals, giggling and flirting. They can be completely themselves with each other and it's beautiful. 

Liv vets Fitz's jokes.


Congratulations, you've got the Olitz basics covered!

Rest assured, there are sooo many more amazing Fitz and Olivia moments, too, though.

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