Gladiator Report: The Last Supper

Gladiator Report: The Last Supper

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the "The Last Supper" episode of Scandal. Here you'll find highlights, quotes and more from the world of Olivia Pope and company. WARNING: There are spoliers here if you haven't seen the episode yet. Enjoy!

That’s Captain Ballard to You: Jake is an innocent man. He knew that all along. Now others know it as well. Olivia and Fitz want to take down Rowan. Jake only wants blood. He insists that the president address him as Captain Ballard. Only his friends call him Jake.

Give Us a Little Kiss: Olivia had assured Fitz that if she handed Jake over to her father there will never be any chance that the two of them will be together. This had Fitz asking if there’s actually hope for them. Olivia admitted there is. Fitz spares Jake’s life. It’s his gift to the woman they both love. Fitz continues to search for ways to take advantage of his newfound hope with Olivia whenever the two of them are alone.

Standing in the Sun: Olivia convinces Jake that killing Rowan is not an option. Such vengeance is for those who sit in the darkness. They stand in the sun. Olivia makes it clear that “only” they stand in the sun.

Exploding with Passion: Vice President Andrew Nichols takes a moment to shake hands with the kitchen staff at the hotel where he was giving a speech. BOOM! The car he was headed toward before his unplanned detour is blown up in a terrorist act. Andrew assures a worried Mellie that he’s okay after the bombing. If his injuries were more severe, he wouldn’t be able to straddle the First Lady like he does.

Dinner Conversation: Olivia stands in the background as Fitz and Jake argue about the best way to take down Rowan. She calls her father in tears. It’s all an act to lure him into the light. Rowan gives an impassioned speech about how he wasn’t the greatest father during their dinner date. Everything he’s ever done is because of her. He lets Olivia know that whatever they had is now over. He’s on to her.

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