Gladiator Report: Season 4 Winter Finale "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

Gladiator Report: Season 4 Winter Finale "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the Season 4 Winter Finale "Where the Sun Don't Shine" episode of Scandal. Here you'll find highlights, quotes and more from the world of Olivia Pope and company. WARNING: There are spoliers here if you haven't seen the episode yet. Enjoy!

Oh, Shoot: Jake follows a bad Rowan lead that sends him to an empty safe house. The man he seeks is actually in the middle of a pop-in visit with his daughter. Rowan orders Olivia to sit and share a glass of wine with him at gunpoint. Their conversation is a tense one. Rowan feels she is ungrateful. As he rants, Olivia grabs his gun.

Just Follow the Script: Olivia briefs the Oval Office on everything Cyrus. No one notices Mellie’s double-take when she hears about Andrew and Elizabeth’s affair. Fitz declares that they will fight Elizabeth’s attack, so Olivia wants to spin the Cy-Michael affair as a love story. Cyrus refuses to go along with the plan to marry a prostitute. Instead, he goes another route.

Letting Out a Big Cy: Olivia gives Cyrus a tough love pep talk to get him back on his game. She doesn’t recognize the shell of a man standing before her. She wants him to show everyone that he’s not a little bitch baby.

Not a Gentle Woman: The president orders Cyrus to come up with a plan to avoid a war in West Angola. Elizabeth is furious when she learns that troops aren’t headed into this troubled land. She tries to lecture Mellie, who reveals that she knows about her relationship with Andrew. Better watch your back, Lizzie Bear.

Dinner and Dancing: Olivia asks Jake to stop talking about her father. She’d rather enjoy some wine, some Gettysburgers and a pizza from a place that names their pies after former first ladies. She brought home a Dolley Madison. Sounds cheesy! Olivia and Jake dance to a tune from that sentimental record her dad left behind. They both get down to Stevie Wonder.

Missing Person: Olivia has never had sex on a piano. She wonders if it’s cold. Jake assures her it’s slippery. He retreats to the bedroom to get some blankets. When he returns to the living room, Olivia is gone. A spilt glass of wine stains the sofa. Back in the White House, Andrew continues his discussion with Fitz. He asks about the one thing in the world he can’t live without.

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