The 5 Most Amazing, Impactful Scandal Presents Ever

The 5 Most Amazing, Impactful Scandal Presents Ever

Happy Holidays! It’s the season of giving and over the past 4 seasons of Scandal many presents have been shared by our favorite characters. Wow, there are some gooood gift-givers on this show. Well, selectors of quality gifts, that is. The circumstances upon which gifts have been given usually left significant room for improvement. But hey, for these 5 Most Amazing, Impactful Scandal Presents Ever, we won’t look a gift horse in the mouth!  

1. For Fitz: Eisenhower’s Flag Pin. Olivia wanted Fitz to have something special on his Inauguration Day. He insists Olivia is his something special. She is. But this sweet reminder of Liv’s love has been something he could always keep close to his heart.


2. From Rowan: Treasured Childhood Record Collection. Things escalated pretty far during this exchange, but with this gift it’s the thought that counts. Rowan remembers the first time he played Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life” for his only daughter the night before her first day of Kindergarten. The way she later dances with Jake to the music, we think that special memory stayed with her, too.


3. From David: A White Hat. At the same time that David Rosen handed the Cytron card over to Cyrus, he sent Olivia a symbolic white hat. She knows what that means: they're fighting for the greater good together. Liv has standing in the sun with Jake, Vermont and jam with Fitz, and she and David have white hats. It’s kind of a big deal.


4. For Javi: A Tricked Out Game Console. We didn’t get to see Javi receive this well-intentioned gift from his dad, but we are pretty positive he’s into this sort of thing. After all, it's through online gaming that he later connects with Huck despite the significant barriers to a reunion before.


5. For Jake: Nothing but Olivia. Don’t worry Jake, Olivia knows you well enough not to gift you a bottle of wine. She did think about bringing a jar of sand… something symbolic of your time together on the island. But sometimes the best gifts are the simplest of all. No exceptions here. 

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