Scandal 101: Who Is Stephen Finch?

Scandal 101: Who Is Stephen Finch?

Recent events may have you wondering who Olivia's old friend Stephen Finch is. We have a refresher from Season 1 right here!

Just One of the Gladiators. When we first met Liv back in Sweet Baby, Stephen was with her.

A Man with a Talent. Stephen was known for getting magical results by work of his charm.

Seeking Some Friendly Advice. Stephen had a real friendship with Liv and often wondered to her about if he could pull off normal life stuff--like getting engaged.

An Olivia Pope Pep Talk for a Proposal. Liv gave Stephen the confidence he needed to pop the question to Georgia.

Normal Is Overrated. When Liv needed a pep talk herself, Stephen was there, flawed and all, to get her back in action.


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