Gladiator Report: Season 4 Episode 14 "The Lawn Chair"

Gladiator Report: Season 4 Episode 14 "The Lawn Chair"

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the "The Lawn Chair" episode of Scandal. Here you'll find highlights, quotes and more from the world of Olivia Pope and company. WARNING: There are spoliers here if you haven't seen the episode yet. Enjoy!

The Vice Squad: BANG! A shotgun blast echoes in the night. Clarence, the father of an African-American youth, Brandon Parker, who was killed by a Caucasian cop, wants the man who killed his son. At the scene, promises to get the Attorney General of the U.S. down there to oversee the investigation. Too bad David has a meeting with the president to figure out a way to solve their vice presidency problem.

Stirring Emotions: Neighborhood activist Marcus Walker gets into the mix at the shooting scene. He convinces Clarence to ignore Olivia. He gives him a beach chair. Clarence places it over his dead son’s body. He takes a seat. He’s not going anywhere. This brings cheers from the ever-growing crowd. Marcus does his best to stir up their emotions. Olivia’s, too.

A Little Help: Clarence has a heartfelt talk with Olivia about his son. He’s hurting. Olivia vows to get to the bottom of this. Clarence knows that all this only ends with him either locked up or dead. When the police chief blacks out the press, Olivia joins in the protest. She learns the cops have been sitting on footage of the shooting. She turns to David for help.

A Terrible Choice: Senator Susan Ross of Virginia pushes herself on Mellie to talk about issues such as vaccination and booster shots. Elsewhere, the governor of New Mexico goes public about her feelings on the Brandon Parker shooting. Cyrus thinks she would be a good vice presidential candidate. Fitz has other ideas.

His Name was Brandon: Olivia lets Clarence know that his son was reaching for a receipt for the cell phone he was accused of stealing. The young man’s father lowers his gun. He steps away with Olivia, who assures him that no one is going to arrest him. No, they’re going somewhere else instead.

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