Top 5 Fan Favorite Moments of Scandal Season 3

Top 5 Fan Favorite Moments of Scandal Season 3

All-new episodes of Scandal return on February 27th! Gladiators across the web have been banding together to somehow #CopeWithoutPope for just a little while longer. Strategy One: Say out loud that new episodes are returning "next month." That doesn't sound quite so bad, right? 

Next, spend some quality time with fellow Gladiators relishing what has been a glorious first half of Season 3. There have been some seriously memorable moments and Gladiators on Facebook have been voting on their favorites. Here are the top moments that have been announced so far:

#ScandalMoment 5:
Selected by Véronique E. and voted up by fans,
Fitz laying his head on Mellie's lap like he gave a d*mn... in order to protect Olivia.


#ScandalMoment 4:
Selected by Estella C. and voted up by fans,
Daddy Pope putting Fitz in check... "You are a boy!"


#ScandalMoment 3:
Selected by Tamika H. and voted up by fans,
"Don't use the person that I made, to make you into a man!"
Clearly Rowan gave one epic rant in the basement of the Pentagon that day because this #3 favorite line was delivered in the same scene as the #4 favorite line. Please see the #4 video above!


#ScandalMoment 2:


#ScandalMoment 1:
Selected by Sabra K. and voted up by fans,
"This was going to be you and me raising a family and growing old together in this house."



Thank you to everyone who voted! To join in or just watch fun activities like this, you can subscribe to the official Scandal Facebook page. Good luck to all in the ongoing team effort to #CopeWithoutPope.

Psst--If you're trying to remember a particular favorite moment from Season 3, visit the Can't Miss Clips video playlist to see some great scenes.


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