Gladiator Report: Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

Gladiator Report: Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” episode of Scandal. Here you’ll find highlights, quotes and a special SNEAK LEAK of the next all-new episode down at the bottom. WARNING: There are spoilers here. Enjoy!

Shot in the Dark: In “No Sun on the Horizon,” two women were shot dead in the street. Executed. A third bullet ripped through the night. The shooter: Jake Ballard. His next target is either David Rosen or James Novak. The latter is gunned down while trying to escape the carnage. See what happens when Olivia Pope learns about this tragedy.


Doing His Job: Against Olivia’s advice, Cyrus rushes into the press room to make a statement. He confirms that a suspect has been taken into custody in the murder of White House Press Secretary James Novak. While at the podium, he recalls in his mind the time he brought James into a political party to share a dance with him. It was the first time he acknowledged their relationship in public. See what happens when we jump back to the present.


Houston, We Have No Problems: There’s an upcoming gun lobby event that Fitz wants to skip but Sally Langston is embracing with open arms. Cyrus makes a plan to send Andrew and Mellie to the gun lobby event. Then he wants Fitz to come out in favor of gun control. This sends the president’s approval rating up. In Houston, Mellie and Andrew have an impromptu gun debate over drinks. See how their spirited conversation ends.


Kiss Me or Kill Me: Huck realizes that someone has been looking through Olivia’s safe. He knows it was Quinn. He also knows that she wanted him to find this out. He believes that somewhere inside she’s still a gladiator. Quinn responds to this by spitting in his face. Huck responds to this by kissing her hard. Quinn actually kisses him back. See what happens when they break the lip-lock.


GladiQuotes: Below are some of the top lines from "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang." Let us know which ones were your favorites and, by all means, pop in any that we forgot in the comments section.

Jake: I’ve always liked you, David. You seem smart. Are you smart, David? Can you work with me on this or do I need to stop liking you?

Olivia: Stop crying or you’re fired.

Abby: Don’t lie to me. We don’t do that anymore.

Quinn: You come for some more teeth? A finger?

Huck: Somewhere in there you’re still a gladiator.

Quinn: If you’re not gonna kill me, get the hell out.

Olivia: Lose this battle so we can win the war.

Building an Army: Abby, Harrison and Huck all come to their fearless leader revealing their assortment of problems. Olivia has no answers for any of them. Instead, she silently leaves the office. She later meets with David, who tells her about Lance the patsy. Olivia wants him to make the arrest. The problem isn’t Jake. It’s the existence B-613. He should focus his energy on that. She’ll help him.



Read the full episode recap for "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" and catch a sneak leak of the next all-new episode. See ya later, Gladiators!


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