4 Ways The Women of Scandal Use Their Power For Love

4 Ways The Women of Scandal Use Their Power For Love

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the ladies of Scandal, it’s that they definitely don’t have any time waste in the love department. Navigating a career and love life can be a tightrope to walk even for the most astute performer. But somehow, Olivia, Abby, Quinn, Liz and Mellie all find the time to unleash some measure of seductive interplay.

In the spirit of feminism (and the celebration of women who have it all!), we think it’s only worthy to revisit the instances when the women of Scandal used the power they possess to irresistibly get they want. When the need calls for it, falling for the one that makes you swoon is necessary. Taking charge is even better. Right, ladies?

1) Olivia Begs Jake To Take Advantage of Her

Liv Asks Jake to Take Advantage of Her|Liv comes to Jake with Gettysburger, wine, and a need for physical comfort.|Liv and Jake comfort each other as their worlds fall apart around them. Jake asks Olivia to run away with him. Liv asks Jake to take advantage of her. Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 313: No Sun on the Horizon.

When you’re in the business of fixing people’s lives and making problems disappear, how do you find the solace of someone who can return the favor? When the city is quiet and the clients are secured, Olivia definitely needs an escape from her past… and present.

2) Liz Gives David What He Wants

David and Liz Get It On|Disgust wasn't the only thing festering between these two.|After Liz gets another job at the White House, David lists all the reasons why he doesn't like her. Liz calls his bluff and things definitely take a different turn...on the attorney general's couch! Little does David know that Vice President Susan Ross has just showed up outside his door with wine coolers. Watch this scene from Season 5 Episode 7 "Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance," and catch new episodes of Scandal ABC THURSDAYS 9|8c.

Liz knows she can pretty much get whatever she wants and she’s not afraid to use her smarts and formidable demeanor to get the job done. That’s why her selected trysts with David embody her need to still be in charge – but also enjoy the benefits of a willing and entranced participant.

3) Quinn Forces Huck To Admit He Wants Her

Huck Tells Quinn He Wants Her|Huck and Quinn get it on in the OPA parking lot.|Huck chides Quinn when she returns from finishing a job alone. Quinn lets Huck know she's positive he's aware she can handle herself?so he needs to say what he really wants. Huck tells Quinn he wants her and pulls her to him. Watch this kinky scene from Scandal Episode 317: Flesh and Blood.

Quinn is a woman of many talents, and she doesn’t like interference from anyone, least of all a guy like Huck. Some women are too timid to demand to hear those magical words. But when you’re a woman on a mission like Quinn, you demand to know that you’re fierce!

4) Fitz and Olivia Try To Define Their Love

Olivia and Fitz Talk About Defiance|You don't handle me|Can they find a way to be together after all they've done? Watch this scene from Scandal Season 2, Episode 19, "Seven Fifty-Two," and don't miss Scandal THURSDAYS 9|8c on ABC.

Remember that time Fitz  and Liv were forced to define how much they loved each other? Liv fixes things and sometimes it gets in the way of how she relates to the ones she cares about. If you love someone – you gotta show it! 

Valentine’s Day can be what you make of it – love, lust, or both – and we love that the women of Scandal always seem to have the upper hand. Watch all-new episodes of Scandal on THURSDAYS 9|8c!

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