Scandal: 7 Best White House Balcony Scenes

Scandal: 7 Best White House Balcony Scenes

That incredible balcony at the White House has seen a lot of action on Scandal. Whether it is confessions of love, breakdowns or confrontations, there’s nothing quite like having that swoon-worthy view of the country’s capital in the background to let it all out. Let's take a look at some of the all-time best balcony scenes ever on Scandal!

7. Fried Chicken Mellie

Fried Chicken Mellie|It's a whole new Mellie.|Fitz and Cyrus come to Mellie after the papers show a crazy Mellie hanging out at her son's grave. Mellie laughs it off and offers them her new favorite dish. After Fitz's tactics fail, Cyrus shows empathy while remembering James. Mellie assures him that they are not the same. Watch this scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 2, "The State of the Union," and don't miss Scandal ABC THURSDAYS 9|8c.

If anybody deserved a buffet of fried chicken, it was Mellie Grant. After the death of her son, Mellie goes back to her Southern roots and digs into a plate of comfort food. Both Fitz and Cyrus try their hand at pulling her out of her sweatpants. 

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6. Brave Abby

Abby Persuades Mellie|Abby succeeds when no one else could.|When everyone has given up hope on the First Lady, Abby walks right into Mellie's residence, snatches her magazine, and gets real. It's a little mean and definitely out of line, but it gets through to her. Watch this powerful scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 2: The State of the Union.

After the failed “good cop” displays from others, Abby summons all her courage to talk some sense into the First Lady. She even risks her fingers by snatching Mellie’s magazine!

5. Best View in the World

Mellie and Bitsy Chat on the Balcony|Some things never change.|In the wake of former president Cooper's passing, Mellie and the newly widowed Bitsy chat on the White House balcony. Mellie finds a kindred spirit in the former First Lady as she reveals that her husband has had his fair share of mistresses. Watch this scene from the Scandal Season 4 Episode 6: "An Innocent Man," and don't miss Scandal ABC THURSDAYS 9|8c.

Mellie has a chat with a former first lady and realizes…nothing’s new.

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4. I'm Back Baby

After months of trying to get the real Mellie back, Fitz finally gets fiery Mellie to reemerge. She reminds him who’s really been running the show all these years.

3. They're Watching 

Fitz displays a surprising show of affection to Mellie but it’s not quite what it seems.

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2. I Want to Run the World

What could possibly be a good enough reason to let a traitor like Andrew go free? In a rare soft moment between Mellie and Fitz, they share with each other what they want most in the world.

1. What Happens Now?

Fitz and Liv Reunite!|Here comes the sun for Olitz in the Scandal season finale.|Fitz pays a visit to Olivia's apartment. There's no answer when he knocks. Fitz heads back to the White House. He steps out onto his balcony not realizing that he's not alone. Olivia is there. They give each other one of their patented "hi" greetings. Fitz asks, "What happens now?" Olivia answers, "Whatever we want." At the moment, what they want involves lots of kissing! Watch this scene from the Scandal Season 4 Finale, "You Can't Take Command," and don't miss Scandal ABC THURSDAYS 9|8c.

The balcony has a surprise visitor...

Here comes the sun! The White House balcony will definitely get a lot more love this season. If you're done reeling from that epic Season 5 premiere, get ready for more all-new episodes of Scandal THURSDAYS 9|8c!


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