7 Reasons Scandal's Jake Ballard Is the Perfect Guy to Marry

7 Reasons Scandal's Jake Ballard Is the Perfect Guy to Marry

Who doesn't love Scandal’s Jake Ballard (Scott Foley)? Not only is he charming and ridiculously good looking, he always goes the extra mile to ensure that the people in his life are cared for. It’s obvious that his qualities go deeper than the first date! Wedding bells are definitely in the air for Captain Ballard. In fact, according to this Scandal sneak peek, his upcoming nuptials are going to be sooner rather than later. To celebrate one of D.C.'s most eligible bachelors getting hitched, here are 7 Reasons Jake Ballard Is the Perfect Guy to Marry.

7. He’ll keep you safe.

When it seems like there is no one left to trust, Jake acts as a point of stability. He is someone that you can faithfully lean on.

6. He’ll dance at your command.

Jake is good at separating his time between work and play. For instance, when Olivia Pope wanted to get rid of some major stress, Jake had no problem joining her on the dance floor!

5. He’ll be emotionally available.

Jake doesn’t mind putting everything out in the open. Even if you're unsure about being in a serious relationship, Jake would not be afraid to admit his feelings for you.

4. He’ll run away with you.

Feeling the need for an extended vacation? Jake gets that! As it turns out, he could use a break as well. He'll follow you anywhere!

3. He’ll get dinner with your dad.

Meeting with the parents can be awkward, especially if your dad is like Papa Pope. Jake is a trooper! He’ll play nice with your family just to make you feel more at ease.

2. He’ll put you first.

When times get hard, Jake is always there to be a source of comfort. No matter what he is going through, he'll always take the time to make you his priority.

1. He’ll come to the rescue.

With Jake around, there's no need to worry. If you're ever in danger, Jake will drop everything to save the day! 

What will our dashing Jake Hamilton Ballard do next? Watch all-new episodes of Scandal THURSDAYS 9|8c.


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