7 Reasons Why Mellie Grant is the Best First Lady Ever

7 Reasons Why Mellie Grant is the Best First Lady Ever

Mellie Grant doesn’t get her due, you guys. She has arguably done more than any other single person to get her husband, Fitz, elected and to keep him not only in office, but thriving. She knows him as well as anyone and even though he routinely cheats on her, she stands by her man for the good of the nation. Here are 7 Reasons Why Mellie Grant is the Best First Lady EVER.

1. She Can Make the Hard Choices

Mellie Grant was willing to do whatever it took to get her husband into the White House, and she’s willing to make the hard choices to keep him there. Which do you think was harder—conspiring with her husband’s mistress or Hollis Doyle? GIT!

2. She’s Got Grace Under Pressure

Not many people can stand toe-to-toe with White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene. His emphatic rants have been known to wither people, including the President. But not Mellie Grant. This “political animal” has claws!

3. She Might be a Clairvoyant

Mellie and Fitz hadn’t been getting along so well, but despite that she had a funny, protective feeling about him attending the big birthday gala she had setup for him. Fitz dismisses her and—BAM!—he gets shot! Don’t underestimate this woman’s intuition.

4. She’s Always Thinking Ahead

Her husband just miraculously survived being shot in the head and already Mellie is thinking about how to find the silver lining in the tragedy to forward a great agenda for the good of the country. That’s leadership, y’all. Meanwhile the President was all worried about his own feelings.

5.  She Knows How to Get What She Wants

Think about this for a second. At this point, Fitz hated everybody. He felt used and betrayed and lied to over Defiance. Cyrus Beene and Olivia Pope couldn’t win him back, but Mellie did. She knew just what to say to put herself back in his good graces and secure herself a slice of power when even top dogs like Olivia and Cyrus were still in the doghouse.

6. She’s Nobody’s Punching Bag

Fitz hates on Mellie ALL THE TIME. He even blamed her for cancelling their children’s visit. But Mellie had enough and put it right back on him. Even Fitz had to look at Mellie differently after she set him straight.

7. She Won’t Be Bought Off or Backed Down

Mellie had had enough. She’d moved out of the White House and threatened to go public with Fitz’s philandering ways if he didn’t get his head right. Cyrus tried to cajole her, then he tried to bribe her, then he tried to intimidate her. NONE of it worked. Mellie Grant is too tough for any of it.


Love Mellie Grant as FLOTUS or were you secretly hoping for a First Lady Olivia Pope in Fitz’s second term? Sound off in the comments!

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