7 Most Epic Cyrus Rants

7 Most Epic Cyrus Rants

Cyrus Beene is undeniably one of the most fascinating characters to watch on Scandal. He’s openly flawed, deeply loyal, and his ambition knows no bounds. We really mean that last part! Skip through an episode and at any given moment you could catch him saving the Presidency or about to have the love of his life assassinated. Good guy? Bad guy? We just can’t get enough of him!

Adding to his accolades, along with a goodie bag full of Season 3 teases, Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes recently shared, “Cyrus to me is the most intriguing character I've ever gotten to write because he's so dark and so full of love and is so kind and cruel." Coming from a writer with a credit list like Rhimes', that statement is seriously meaningful!

Alright Gladiators, since watching Cyrus chew someone out is way more enjoyable than it should be, let’s celebrate this angry, lovable man by counting down the most epic Cyrus rants from Season 2.


Rant #7

“You are NOT the President!”



Rant #6

"I'm fine. These idiots are telling me
I had a heart attack



Rant #5

"Get. Up."



Rant #4

"You may be an animal,
but I am a monster."



Rant #3

"You did this.
This is the man you are."



Rant #2

"your lucky break...


Rant #1

"I STOLE the White House!"

Now after all that aggressive power-assertion, yelling, and generally high blood pressure, this article just wouldn't do Cyrus Beene justice without a sweet "cuddle up on the couch for a deep convo with some wine" session to remind us all that this man could be our BFF. We would love a BFF like Cyrus.
Cyrus can't be all bad. Olivia cuddles with him on the couch.


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