Gladiator Report: "Say Hello to My Little Friend"

Gladiator Report: "Say Hello to My Little Friend"

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the “Say Hello to My Little Friend” episode of Scandal. Here you’ll find highlights, quotes and more. There are certainly episode spoilers here, so you should flee the scene pronto if you haven't watched this one yet. Enjoy!

Be a Good Girl: Olivia boots Jake out of her apartment. She’s looking to put everything that’s happened behind her. She’s resigned herself to going back to being a good girl for her father, Sunday dinners and all. It’s hard to hear her talk like this, but the real dagger to the heart comes when Jake leans in for a kiss. Observe:



Doin’ the Harrison Happy Dance: While it was certainly good news that Pope & Associates got a new client, no one was more jazzed about this than Harrison. He even did a little happy dance. Twice!

What the Heck is Remington?: Is it a company that makes hair care products or firearms? Is it Laura Holt’s Steele-y alter ego? Is it a small town in Indiana, population 1,185? The answer to all those questions is a resounding “yes.” As for “Operation Remington,” well you can get the scoop right here:



An American Hero: Deceased Navy pilot Pete Foster is survived by a sister who doesn’t have the money for a proper funeral. That’s why the woman is surprised to learn that her brother is being buried at Arlington with full military honors. This came about thanks to an unexpected guest at the service. Pete Foster’s sister is stunned when the President of the United States steps up to stand by her side. They pay tribute to her brother, who was, in Fitz’s words, an American hero. Anyone else out there get chills during this scene?

Twinkie Trivia: Did you notice that Senator Josephine Marcus of Montana looked a lot like Regina Phalange of New York? Guess that’s because Lisa Kudrow kicked off her run on the show as a democratic candidate for president. Her character is a big fan of deep-fried Twinkies. But then, who isn’t?! Now, do you know which U.S. President put Twinkies in a time capsule? Hint: It wasn’t Fitzgerald Grant. Scroll down for the answer.

Mellie Being Mellie: After a hot microphone catches Mellie making some caustic comments about Senator Marcus, the press made the most of the miscue. Here are a few of the newspaper headlines that had Cyrus fuming:

Worst Lady

Mouthy Mellie

First Catty Bares Claws (Mellie points out that this one doesn’t even rhyme)

An Interested Party: Huck is angry that Quinn followed him to an AA meeting where he talks about drinking whiskey which is his way of saying he killed again. He goes off on her for continually asking him to chat under the guise of her being worried. See what he believes her real motivation to be:



GladiQuotes: Below are some of the top lines from "Say Hello to My Little Friend." Let us know which ones were your favorites and, by all means, pop in any that we forgot in the comments section.

Olivia: I need to be a good girl… go to Sunday dinners.

Abby: Senator Richard Meyers. By day, he represents the great state of Washington in our nation’s highest legislative body. By night, he’s a perving sexting pervy perv who uses the handle “Redwood Johnson.”

Abby: We’ve had worse clients. I think. Haven’t we?

Olivia: We all deserve a second chance.

Mellie: Blah, blah, blah. Give any piece of trailer trash a push-up bra and a microphone and the stupid flyovers will eat it up like fried Twinkies.

Mellie: First Catty? That doesn’t even rhyme.

Cyrus: Not everything I do is a scheme.

Olivia: Quitting is not an option.

Cyrus: Boy, do I love a slutty teen.

Jake: Well, you’re the daughter of the man that runs the top secret organization that made your friend kill a man for some reason having to do with your ex-boyfriend, the president.

Quick, to the Fitz Phone!: Jake comforts Olivia about their problems as they snuggle on her sofa. He also kisses her right up until the time the “Fitz Phone” rings. The president wants to chat, but he hangs up when he realizes Liv has company. See how he discovered this little tidbit:



Read the full episode recap for “Say Hello to My Little Friend.” Oh, and the president who put Twinkies in a time capsule was Bill Clinton. See ya later, Gladiators!

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