Gladiator Report: "More Cattle, Less Bull"

Gladiator Report: "More Cattle, Less Bull"

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the “More Cattle, Less Bull” episode of Scandal. Here you’ll find highlights, quotes and more. Enjoy!

Word of the Day: POPE'D: transitive verb: to snatch certain victory from an opponent by any means necessary, to handle it. <Cyrus Beene’s man in Montana was Pope'd as he tried to derail a congresswoman’s political future.>

Josie and the Democrats: Cyrus leaks Josie’s baby secret just before the debates. Olivia knows Governor Reston is going to ambush the congresswoman so she gives her advice on how to handle it. See why Cyrus Beene calls Olivia Pope the gift that keeps on giving:

Josie Marcus Stands Up for Herself|Then she fires Olivia.|Josie handles the situation beautifully when Reston hints at her young pregnancy, but fires Olivia over the collateral damage.


Hoops, There It Is: President Obama has an Election Day tradition of shooting hoops. In November of 2012, he was in a game that featured former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen. President Fitzgerald Grant is also a fan of the sport, but he’s more into one-on-one games. Check out the showdown with his old pal Jake and count all the personal fouls that take place:

Fitz and Jake Play Basketball|The competition is hot.|Fitz and Jake take the game seriously and their competition clearly goes beyond basketball.


Coop, There He Is: Did you notice that political strategist Leo Bergen was played by Paul Adelstein, aka Cooper from Private Practice? Shonda Rhimes knows what, and who, she likes.

Oh Dear, Abby: It’s been nice to see the rollercoaster relationship between Abby and David finally getting back on track. Then derailment seemed imminent once he caught her in a lie about attending the Correspondents’ Dinner. See how she explains herself:

Abby Surprises David|He wants her to tell him things.|Abby and David makeup when he realizes her ex-husband was at the Correspondents' Dinner and she dresses up for him to show she cares.


Funny You Should Say That: Olivia was alone in her office drinking wine when… RING! It’s the Fitz Phone. We’d like to say he had her at hello, or “hi” to be more accurate, but she’s the only one who said it this time. Liv and Fitz engage in a pretty “funny” conversation.

Olivia Vets Fitz's Jokes|She's funnier than he is.|Olivia digs her Fitz phone out of the trash and jokes with him about the upcoming Correspondents' Dinner as he hides from Mellie in the bathroom.


GladiQuotes: Below are some of the top lines from "More Cattle, Less Bull." Let us know which ones were your favorites and, by all means, pop in any that we forgot in the comments section.

Leo Bergen: I don’t do losers.

Josie Marcus: You heard my problem, now go ahead and fix it.

Abby: Seriously? Billy Joe Lee? Three first names?

Fitz: You are exactly where I left you. Standing in the shadows… pulling my strings.

Harrison: You’re grounded.

Ethan: We got Pope'd, Sir!

Harrison: You got issues. I’m just sayin’.

Cyrus: Olivia Pope—the gift that keeps on giving.

Olivia: You’re calling me.

Olivia: I just dug the phone out of the trash.

Olivia: You’re funny, but you’re not funny.

Mellie: I like your new boyfriend. Is he married?

Mellie: He needs you, Olivia. He is tired and broken and it isn’t the job. It’s doing the job without you. He’s not alive when you’re not here. He can't breathe when you’re not here. He doesn’t have the will to run much less win when you’re not here because you… you’re everything to him, Liv. He needs you. So I need you. Come back. Come back to us.

David: Start telling me things. That’s what normal people do. Not that we’re normal people.

Mellie Being Nice Mellie: Well, the tone of her voice sounded nice, at least. Initially, she got in a dig that almost had Olivia fleeing her presence, but she turned it around quickly. Mellie can be quite persuasive in her arguments as you can see here:

Mellie Pleads for Olivia's Help|He needs you.|Mellie tells Olivia how much Fitz needs her for his re-election campaign and therefore she needs her, too.


Read the full episode recap for “More Cattle, Less Bull.” See ya later, Gladiators!

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