Gladiator Report: "Vermont is for Lovers, Too"

Gladiator Report: "Vermont is for Lovers, Too"

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the "Vermont is for Lovers, Too" episode of Scandal. Here you’ll find highlights, quotes and more. Enjoy!

Liv in the Dream: Fitz sends a chopper for Olivia, who takes a ride to Vermont once she realizes the president knows who her father is. After Olivia yells at him for a spell, Fitz lets her know that the house they are standing in is hers. Theirs. He had it built for the two of them. He could never be mayor there, but she could make jam.


Soon-To-Be Classic Love Scene: She can’t resist the Fitz Phone when it rings. So how could anyone expect Olivia to fight the urge to rush into the arms of the most powerful man in the world after he shows her the house he built for her? Marlo Brando and Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris… Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in Nine and ½ Weeks… Otto and Wanda in A Fish Called Wanda… They are classic big screen love scenes. But when it comes to the small screen, nothing beats Liv and Fitz in Vermont!


Someone Around Here Likes Candy: Things were looking up for the Josie Marcus campaign until Abby deduced that her sister/daughter Candace staged a laptop theft to take down Governor Reston. She relayed this info to her colleague Harrison who had to process this turn of events in his underwear. That’s because he was sleeping with Candace at the time. Somehow we doubt these two will be keeping up a long distance relationship now that Josie and Candy are headed back to Montana.

My, Oh, Maya: As everyone in Gladiatorville continues to process the fact that Olivia’s mom is alive, the mysterious Maya Lewis has a request. She wants to see Olivia before Rowan/Eli ships her off to another cell far, far away. She’s been sitting in her current cell for over 20 years hiding in the bowels of the U.S. justice system. The reason is still a mystery. See her stand up to Rowan/Eli/Command in this scene:


The Popcorn Report: If you recall, we learned that Olivia’s father is the person who helped shape her appreciation for fine wine. This was mentioned in the Gladiator Report for "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner." Also mentioned was the mystery behind who got Liv hooked on popcorn as her snack of choice. We now know it was her mother. Maya used to make it for her when she was sad.

GladiQuotes: Below are some of the top lines from "Vermont Is For Lovers, Too." Let us know which ones were your favorites and, by all means, pop in any that we forgot in the comments section.

Charlie: Come on, it’ll be easy. You go to work then tell me about your day. All the details. Think of it as a relationship except I’ll actually listen to what you have to say.

David: You and your fellow Pope-heads would do or say anything to win Iowa including strong-arming your boyfriend.

Jake: The president wants to talk to you, he’ll find a way to do it.

Fitz: You know who I am and you’re just this bundle of dirty little secrets.

Olivia: I have to go. I have work. And you have to go. You have a world to run.

Olivia: Do what you have to do.

Olivia: Don’t sell the house. Not yet.

Cyrus: My husband’s not your husband, Mellie.

An Oh-No-Quinn Situation: Quinn arrives home to find a photo of her at the crime scene where the security guard was killed. Huck was able to capture the image. He kept it quiet from his fellow gladiators, but he now needs to know who Quinn is working for. His toolbox of torture devices is open and ready to go. Gulp.

It’s Always Risky to Set Up Someone on a Date: Cyrus sets up James on an interview assignment with Daniel Douglas as part of his plan is to get the vice president’s hubby make a pass at his unsuspecting interviewer in order to blackmail Sally Langston into dropping her plans to run as an independent as Mellie drops hints that Cyrus and James have an open marriage. How’s that for a run-on sentence to set up what happens here?



Read the full recap for "Vermont is for Lovers, Too." See ya later, Gladiators! Happy Thanksgiving!

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