Gladiator Report: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

Gladiator Report: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" episode of Scandal. Here you'll find highlights, quotes and more. Enjoy!

Sunday, Hungry, Sunday: Four years ago, Olivia Pope had dinner with her dad every Sunday. She'd bring a then-homeless Huck a doggie bag. Every Sunday. After Huck gave up some B-613 411 and paid dearly for it, he asked Liv if she and her dad could go to a place that serves cheeseburgers. Guessing he wanted a Gettysburger.

Hoops, There It Is: Fitz mentions a recent trip where he shot hoops with the Dalai Lama, who reportedly has a sweet jump shot. See how the president lights up as he tells his basketball tale to the only person he likes to share things with. Liv beams, too.


She's a Wine-r: Who'd have guessed dear old dad is the one who got Olivia to appreciate fine wine? Still no official word on who got her hooked on popcorn.

Can't Pick Your Family: Olivia introduces her dad to her fiancé, Edison. He's a senator who will make sure spies get treated right. This is Olivia's way of telling her dad that she wants Huck back. Rowan obliges, but see how he makes Liv pay:


That's What Ringtones Are For: "Doom. Gloom. Fate of the Republic. I get it." This is how Cyrus answers a call from the ever-cheery Rowan. Wonder what he says when James pops up on Caller ID.

What the Huck Was That?!: Quinn hacks Olivia's email because, well, she can. She finds one that allows Huck to put two and two together. He corners Olivia in the parking structure violently asks if her father is B-613. Check out the disturbing scene:


GladiQuotes: Below are some of the top lines from "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." Let us know in the comments below which were your favorites and, by all means, pop in any we forgot.

Rowan: The mammoth gets all the glory, but the mastodon was the far more dangerous beast.

Huck: Dinner with your dad?
Olivia: Every Sunday. You want a doggie bag?
Huck: Every Sunday.

Olivia: Hi.
Fitz: Hi.

Fitz: Somewhere, in another life, another reality… We are married and we have four kids and we live in Vermont and I'm the mayor…
Olivia: And I make jam.
Fitz: And you make jam.

Cyrus: Doom. Gloom. Fate of the Republic. I get it.

Cyrus: You're evil.
Mellie: You're welcome.

Quinn: He seems so normal. (re: Liv's dad)

Quinn: I hacked Liv's email.
Huck: Why?
Quinn: Because I can.

Quinn: She's not Amish. (after a stylist fits Jeannine with a drab outfit)

Olivia: Give Huck back to me!

Fitz: How presidential are my balls now, Cy?

Rowan: We are family, sweetheart. We're never done.

Fitz: I had Jeannine Locke six ways to Sunday all over this White House. (Gotta love the look on Sally Langston's face after that one.)

Olivia: You bring him back!

Knock, Knock: That last line led to this last scene. Aren't you glad Liv made the demand? See ya later, Gladiators!


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