Gladiator Report: "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington"

Gladiator Report: "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington"

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington" episode of Scandal. Here you'll find highlights, quotes and more. There are certainly episode spoilers here, so you should flee the scene pronto if you haven't watched this one yet. Enjoy!

Who Ya Gonna Call?: Not Ghostbusters, although there was one playing hostage negotiator Randolph Boles. Olivia didn’t want to talk to him though. She wanted the president to help her get to the truth about a distraught mother's deceased son. There was only one way she could contact him. See how:



Desperate Congressman: Did you notice that Congressman Jim Struthers was played by Mark Moses of Desperate Housewives fame? He was the murderous neighbor Paul Young back on Wisteria Lane.

Rosen Rising: Didn’t you love how surprisingly efficient David Rosen was when it came to holding his own while trading threats with Cyrus Beene. He actually got access to the Chris Lawrence file!

One, Big, Happy First Family: Fitz and Mellie are reluctant to hit Camp David to show the American people how committed they are to each other. Cyrus almost bursts into a full-on rant when he declares they WILL be doing this, but stops short of completely blowing a gasket. We’re a little surprised baby Teddy didn’t hurl his strained peas after sitting through this little scene with mom and dad:



The Puppet Master: Fitz believes Mellie would have been happy if Olivia had been blown to bits. That’s not the case at all. She’d much rather have her alive because she’s her husband’s flaw. Olivia is the one thing she can use to pull Fitz’s strings to make him dance. At least baby Teddy was MIA for Round 2 of this week’s Fitz-Mellie verbal smackdown.



Olivia’s Choice: Chris Lawrence was a CIA spy who was posing as a terrorist recruiter. He was killed by an FBI agent who didn’t know he was working undercover. Chris Lawrence wasn’t a traitor. He was an American hero. Unfortunately, his mother could never know this. If the truth was ever revealed, 57 other agents who are still undercover would be tortured until they died. Olivia had to decide if she would protect those brave patriots or let one heartbroken mother know that her gut was right about her son. It was an impossible choice. One that ended in the worst possible way.

Owned: Olivia learns from Quinn that Huck is obsessed with her dad. She's startled to find him sitting alone in her office. She wants to know if he killed her father. Watch this unsettling scene to see how Huck provided her an answer:



GladiQuotes: Below are some of the top lines from "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington." Let us know which ones were your favorites and, by all means, pop in any that we forgot in the comments section.

Abby: We get personal days? What, do we get vacation now, too?

Cyrus: You will make the magic happen!

Quinn: I hacked into her bank account… because I can.

Cyrus: We have a Remington problem.

Abby: Baby Huck’s choking.

Abby: Did you try sending a virus worm to the firewall or I.P. thingy?

David: Call her old-fashioned, but my boss, the Attorney General, like totally hates it when I aid and abet terrorists.

Mellie: You want to have sex. Here. With me, I mean.

Mellie: She’s the strings that, if need be, I will pull to make my puppet husband dance.

Huck: He owns me!

Jake: It’s the president. I’m thinking about calling this the Fitz phone.

Jake: I just kept picturing your face. Your face saved me. I’m here because you saved me.

Gettysburger Delivers: Olivia returns home to find a clean-shaven Jake waiting for him. Gettysburgers are on the menu for dinner. They deliver. Olivia doesn’t want to think about food right now. She wants to know how Jake is here. Check out his heartfelt response:



Read the full recap for "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington." See ya later, Gladiators!

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