Happy Abby Day

Happy Abby Day

Happy Abby Day! April 29 is Darby Stanchfield’s birthday. So we thought we’d celebrate with a few of her top moments from Scandal. Before she was our dear Abby, Darby was probably best known for her role as Helen Bishop on Mad Men. The daughter of a commercial fisherman, Darby grew up in the remote fishing village of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Her numerous credits include playing the ex-wife of everyone’s favorite mystery man on Castle. Now, onto the Happy Abby Day celebration!

Cliffhanger: There’s an old joke about a book titled Over a Cliff by Hugo First. However, there was nothing funny about Abby’s reaction to Olivia’s bombshell that she’s leaving. She reminds her soon-to-be ex-boss that every “A” at “OPA” went over a cliff for her.


Danger or Trouble: Abby and David have had their share of ups and downs since they first got together. Ulterior motives were often in play during the courtship. Of course, no amount of sneaking or scheming could keep these two from truly falling for each other.


Surprise, Surprise: We all know Abby had a troubled past thanks to an abusive ex-husband. It makes it hard for her to trust others. It also has her living in fear sometimes. Fortunately, she has a pretty good support system at work. Now she has a pretty good one at home, too.


Abby Quotes:

“Did you try sending a virus worm to the firewall or I.P. thingy?”

“Senator Richard Meyers. By day, he represents the great state of Washington in our nation’s highest legislative body. By night, he’s a perving sexting pervy perv who uses the handle ‘Redwood Johnson.’”

“We’ve had worse clients. I think. Haven’t we?”

“We believe in winning.”

“I’m going to hug you and you’re going to stand here and take it.”

“Ever since you two went spy-bro on us you’ve been keeping us out of the loop and we’re sick of it. You can’t show up with dead Mama Pope and expect us to fall in line.”

“You don’t handle your own mother.”

“The first all-surfer dude ticket. Historic.”

“Harrison, you do not get to act all crazy just because everyone else here is. We are the normal ones… you and me. We need to borrow a gun, we ask. Also, why do you need it?”

 “You don’t get to run. You’re a gladiator. Gladiators don’t run. They fight. They slay dragons. They wipe off the blood and stitch up their wounds and they live to fight another day. You don’t get to run.”

Talking is Overrated: As mentioned, Abby and David have had a complicated relationship. Words can’t describe it. Sometimes things are better left unsaid anyway as you can see in this sexy, emotionally-draining moment.



You can see more of Abby/Darby in the Season 3 Finale of Scandal. Over a cliff. Slay dragons. Be a gladiator. And wish Darby happy b-day on Twitter!

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