Kerry Washington's Scandalous Emmy-Worthy Moments

Kerry Washington's Scandalous Emmy-Worthy Moments

We can’t get enough of Kerry Washington’s Emmy-nominated performance as Olivia Pope. Over the years, come hell or high water (thanks Papa Pope), Kerry has kept our hearts pumping from excitement, fear and forbidden romance. Watch these clips to get a glimpse of her Emmy-nominated brilliance.

The Fluffer: Kerry brings life to Olivia, who is so strong she has the power to check the President of the United States of America by pushing the boundaries of their relationship. She flawlessly embodies the depths of Olivia's emotion.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President: Kerry's performance keeps us on the edge of our seats while tackling issues of power, race and sex. Her talent also makes other characters shine. Take a look at Kerry’s 2013 Emmy-nominated performance from Scandal Season 2. Can you imagine Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) in these scenes with anyone else? No way! The passion is intense.

For the Greater Good: Olivia wears the white hat, sometimes hesitantly, and does her best to help her friends, family and country. She does whatever it takes to get the job done. Even if it means using her powers of seduction. In these moments, we envy Kerry for being able to play the role of Olivia Pope. It is a tough job but someone’s got to do it, am I right?!

Mama Said Knock You Out: Sometimes it's hard for Oliva to keep it together. Kerry does not fail to allow brief bursts of sadness that show Olivia, an incredible fixer, is also only human.  

Tune in to Scandal Thursday nights at 9|8c. We know too much Scandal is never enough so any time you need a fix check out the most shockingly scandalous moments of season 3 , our can’t miss clips and the hottest hookups from the past season. Also for a limited time catch the episode that garnered Kerry’s 2014 Emmy nomination, The Fluffer.

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