Scandal's 11 Most Heartbreaking Olivia and Fitz Moments

Scandal's 11 Most Heartbreaking Olivia and Fitz Moments

After four seasons of romantic trials and tribulations on Scandal, Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) have finally taken their relationship public. It's important to remember things were not always sunshine and roses between the two to appreciate where Olitz is today. So now that love has prevailed, let's take a look back at the moments that got the couple to where they are. Relive each tear, pained look and secret phone call in Olitz's 11 Most Heartbreaking Moments, but dry your eyes because all of it leads to making jam in the end. Did we miss a moment that made your heart ache for the couple? Let us know in the comments section below! 

11. You Ruined Me: Fitz delivers a blow to Olivia that can't be taken back after he finds out she was in on the election rigging leading to him becoming president.

10. Fitz Can't Lose Olivia AgainEmotions are high as Olivia's love triangle with Fitz and Jake (Scott Foley) starts to interfere heavily with her "Fitz for President" efforts. 

9. Olivia Vets Fitz's Jokes: It's hard to know what's more gut-wrenching in this scene: Fitz hiding from Mellie in the bathroom or Olivia not saying, "I love you," back.

8. Olivia and Fitz End It: This was different than the many other times the pair tried to end their love affair. Luckily even though it felt so final at the time, the heart wants what the heart wants. 

7. Olivia Pope Makes Headlines: Two words — that hug!

6. Lost in Translation: What is more devastating than not being able to admit your love to the masses? This moment gave Liv and Fitz just a taste of ALL those painful years of keeping their undeniable chemistry under wraps. 

5. The Truth About Liv's Ring: Although one could argue this is also a romantic moment for Olitz, the very thought of wearing a reminder of a man Olivia couldn't wake up to every day (at least not yet) is soul-crushing. 

4. Defiance Almost Breaks Olitz: Olivia can "handle" every situation imaginable, but she makes a risky move when trying to "fix" the love of her life. 

3. I Belong To You: The can't eat, can't sleep kind of romance is what everyone wants in their life, right?  

2. Wait For Me: Olivia just couldn't bring herself to go all in when Fitz asks her to wait for him. Pass the tissues, please.

1. Earn Me: The painful moment that in the end was completely worth it. Olivia wanted Fitz to work for it and he certainly proved to be a man of his word. Olivia was wrong about one thing though — it looks like she IS the girl who gets the guy at the end of the movie. 


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