Scandal: 6 Unforgettable Olitz Flashbacks

Scandal: 6 Unforgettable Olitz Flashbacks

Scandal’s Season 4 finale left us with an image of Olivia and Fitz at The White House. We hope this means this power couple will finally be together forever, but we know from the past that it's tough for Olitz to remain united. We’ve put together six of our favorite Olivia and Fitz flashbacks to shine a light on the beginning of their relationship and help us remember why we fell in love with this couple.

#6 - Olivia and Fitz Meet for the First Time

And You Are?|Anyone have any great ideas?|A look back at when Olivia first met, and helped, President Grant!

The moment Olivia first meets Fitz she reads him like a book. During a meeting at his Presidential Campaign headquarters, she brazenly got his attention stating the reason he's behind in the polls is because, “You don’t look like you screw you’re wife.” Olivia instantly knew what he had to do to grab the attention of Republican voters and she most certainly got Fitz’s attention as well.

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#5- Fitz Asks Liv to Say His Name

This seductive flashback is as sexy as it sounds. The Olitz attraction grows on the campaign trail. Olivia sits beside Fitz, who is upset as he must pretend to be in mourning over Mellie’s fake miscarriage. Thinking about his situation leads him to admit he married the wrong woman (and is sitting next to the right one). He whispers, “What kind of coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up.” This tender moment turns a little steamy as they sit close on a dimly lit bus and Fitz asks Olivia to say his name. The ride gets a little bumpy. Olivia feels this is totally inappropriate but they both soon realize how good it feels to accept their connection.

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#4 -  Olivia Chooses Fitz's Door

Fitz’s bus stop admission and subsequent hand-holding was mere foreplay to this next flashback. After a long day of campaigning, Fitz warns Olivia to go into her own room and forget there was ever anything between them. Not ready to put their attraction aside just yet, Olivia chooses to spend the night in Fitz’s room and it doesn’t look like they get much sleep.

#3 - Olivia Gives Fitz His Plag Pin

Olivia and Fitz worked hard on his Presidential campaign and it paid off as he enters The White House. On his inauguration day, Fitz receives a touching gift from Olivia. She may not be First Lady, but she is still by his side and close to his heart.

#2 - The Truth about Liv’s Ring

Unfortunately, time among other things, is not kind to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship after he enters the White House. In this flashback, we find Olivia preparing Cyrus’ honeymoon suite shortly after leaving her post at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Fitz reaches out to find out why she left and, in a bittersweet moment, we learn his love for Olivia will never fade. He also doesn't come empty-handed and is only one "bended knee" away from proposing to Olivia.

#1 - I Belong to You

I Belong to You|Fitz declares his love for Olivia|Olivia and Fitz meet for a secret rendezvous.

Olivia believes she belongs to Fitz. The feeling is overwhelming especially as they cannot be together.  However, Fitz  lets Olivia know she's not the only one that feels that way. In this unforgettably touching moment full of explosive chemistry, he passoinatley admits, "I belong to you."

Now you've seen some of our fave Olitz flashbacks. Rest assured, there are soooo many more amazing Fitz and Olivia moments.

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