Scandal Recap: What Is Foxtail?

Scandal Recap: What Is Foxtail?

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the Season 4, Episode 21 “A Few Good Women” entry of Scandal airdate May 7, 2015. WARNING: This recap contains spoilers here if you haven’t seen the episode yet! Olivia leaves a recovering Jake alone in her bed to pop across the hall where Russell is being tortured by Quinn and Huck. She advises her prisoner to start talking about Foxtail. We discover this is Mellie’s Secret Service codename. The First Lady makes great strides on the campaign trail. She even meets a prospective new donor, who looks a lot like Olivia’s dad. For more details and highlights, check out the Gladiator Report below!

Something to Talk About: Jake tries to tell Olivia that Russell will never talk no matter how much they torture him. The guy is just like him. The only difference is that Jake is in love with her. Command would call that a defect. This is something Russell doesn’t have. Their conversation leads to Olivia recalling some not-so-fond memories.

And You Think Your Job Sucks: While on a tour of a military ship, Vice President Susan Ross notices something peculiar about the female communications officer, Ensign Amy Martin. She discovers that the naval officer was raped. Ensign Martin’s attacker is John Hawley, a four-star admiral who is in tight with the president. The guy is pretty much untouchable. This leads to a little chat on the Fitz Phone.

Strange Bromance: Jake asks for some alone time with Russell. He’s curious. He’s never met any of Rowan’s others. Neither has Russell. The two of them oddly bond over this. They both do a pretty good Rowan impression, too.

Spring Forward: Mellie hasn’t been back to Springfield, Virginia since her son died. She needs to go there now to get the female vote. It’ll be hard to do this, as she doesn’t want to exploit her son’s death. Fitz offers to go the Springfield with her, but his wife knows she has to go it alone. Fitz gives her some thoughts on how Olivia would handle this. Mellie is advised to throw her husband under the bus.

Foxtail Revealed: While bidding adieu to Ensign Martin, Olivia and Quinn realize her JAG lawyer was an imposter. The person posing as him is over at Olivia’s apartment building. He knocks Huck unconscious with an injection and frees Russell. Elsewhere, Mellie is moving on from that cheering crowd to meet up with a big campaign donor. Her short journey to see this guy reveals multiple shockers.


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