Rowan's 8 Shadiest Showdowns So Far

Rowan's 8 Shadiest Showdowns So Far


MIND = BLOWN. Olivia Pope's DAD is the Director of the dangerous and super-scary top secret CIA offshoot known as B613! He's been all over the hunt for the mole and he has shown he can be utterly ruthless and totally shady. Get ready to watch Papa Pope handle it! 

1. Using His Own Daughter as Bait

"Everything else is irrelevant"?! Like your own daughter's LIFE? That's cold!

2. That Rare Occasion When He Decides NOT to Kill Someone
It's nice to know that Rowan really only cares if people stay alive as long as they're "useful." So much caring! 

3. Giving Orders
"You do not interrupt me EVER." OMG! 

4. He Bosses Cyrus Beene Around
No one, and I mean NO ONE, gets Cyrus to do what they want like Rowan. Not even Fitz can order his Chief of Staff around like that.

5. Using "The Hole" as a Motivational Tool
You don't get fired or laid off from B613. You don't quit or resign. You get "The Hole" or you get dead. That's Rowan's policy.

6. He Uses a Super-Spy When He Wants to See His Daughter
Sure, he could call her or send her an e-card or something, but instead he'll send a highly trained assassin that works for him. You know, dad stuff.

7. No, Seriously, He Bosses Cyrus Beene Around
Okay, Cyrus lives a stressful life and we can't say for sure that a dressing down from Rowan directly caused his heart attack. But that's exactly what happened after this conversation.

8. He Got Olivia Pope
We don't know that Rowan told the press that Olivia, HIS DAUGHTER, was the President's mistress, but he was right there waiting in a car when it happened. Also, will we ever see Captain Ballard again?

So just who IS Rowan? Share your theories in the comments and on Twitter using the hashtag #WhoIsRowan!


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