Who's Your Daddy?: Scandal's Top 6 Moments Redefining Daddy Issues

Who's Your Daddy?: Scandal's Top 6 Moments Redefining Daddy Issues

Relationships between fathers and their children are important and often quite complicated — but complicated may be an understatement when it comes to Scandal. This week we were offered a glimpse into the troubled past of one Jake Ballard (or should we say Pete Harris?). This isn't the first time Scandal has showcased some serious paternal problems. Between Olivia's dysfunctional relationship with Papa Pope, Fitz's relationships with his kids, and Huck parenting from a surveillance feed, Scandal has taken fatherly relationships to a whole new level! Here are 6 must-see times Scandal redefined the term daddy issues. 

6. Rowan Takes Jake In

We recently learned how and why Rowan came to think of Jake as a son. (Watch the clip above for more!) Sure, there are pros to having Command watching over you, but Jake quickly found out life with him as a pop is a lot more than Sunday night dinners and stern pep talks. 

5. Papa Pope Explains Olivia's Existence 

Not sure which is more disturbing to hear as a daughter, that your dad is responsible for 183 people that he has killed or explaining how this somehow factors into your existence.

4. Fitz's Bad Behavior

It's one thing to be newly single and want to exercise your womanizing ways, but there is a time and a place. Fitz showed just where his head was at when one of his trysts crossed paths with his son Teddy's drop-off. Luckily, Teddy has Mellie looking out for his best interest in the clip above. 

3. Father/Son Bonding

Father and son bonding time reached new heights when Rowan decided to take jabs at Huck's estranged family. Huck had no problem standing up to his surrogate father though. Rowan should know better than to bring a man's family into things. 

2. Hell or High Water

At least if you are going to get a lecture from your dad on the people you are sleeping with, it helps if it is followed by an extended vacation, right?

1. Welcome Home

Nothing says healthy father-daughter relationship like Rowan welcoming Olivia home after she killed someone. 



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