Why We Love Scandal's Olivia Pope

Why We Love Scandal's Olivia Pope

No one fights for the future of American freedom and justice quite like Scandal’s Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington).  Not only does she walk with an air that makes any government official weak at the knees, she’s also ridiculously smart and an inspiring leader at Olivia Pope & Associates. Let’s take a moment to sit in complete awe of the flawless and powerful character known as Olivia Pope!

How to Handle It Like Olivia Pope|Warning: Watching may leave you completely in love with Liv.|No one gladiates, wears the white hat, stands in the sun, or makes jam like the incredible Olivia Pope does. Once equated to Helen of Troy, it's no wonder everyone in D.C. is in awe of Liv. Watch her in action to see how it's to handle with style and don't miss all-new episodes of Scandal THURSDAYS 9|8c!

We still can’t get over the fact that she effortlessly surprised President Fitzgerald Grant on his very own White House balcony! When you stand in the sun like Olivia Pope, anything is possible. We could watch this scene over and over again…and then a few times more!

Fitz and Liv Reunite!|Here comes the sun for Olitz in the Scandal season finale.|Fitz pays a visit to Olivia's apartment. There's no answer when he knocks. Fitz heads back to the White House. He steps out onto his balcony not realizing that he's not alone. Olivia is there. They give each other one of their patented "hi" greetings. Fitz asks, "What happens now?" Olivia answers, "Whatever we want." At the moment, what they want involves lots of kissing! Watch this scene from the Scandal Season 4 Finale, "You Can't Take Command," and don't miss Scandal ABC THURSDAYS 9|8c.


Can’t wait to see Olivia fight for justice (while, of course, wearing a pristine white outfit) once again? You’re in luck! Scandal Season 5 premieres THURSDAY, SEPT 24 9|8c.



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