Scandal’s Marcus Walker: 5 Lessons in Becoming a Gladiator

Season 5 of Scandal has been full of twists, turns and plenty of OMG moments. While many of our favorite D.C. citizens have taken off their White Hats, there still seems to be hope for our newest Gladiator. Marcus Walker (Cornelius Smith Jr.) first came onto the scene (crime scene to be exact!) in Season 4. From that moment on, he gladiated his way into our hearts. Keep reading to see how.

1) Who Is Afraid of Olivia Pope?

Marcus is not afraid of to go toe-to-toe with anyone he feels is standing in the way of justice — including Olivia Pope. They clashed during their initial meeting but Olivia saw something very familiar in Marcus. He wants to help others get justice.

2) Are You a Gladiator in a Suit?

Marcus stood out as Gladiator material from the beginning. Quinn sums it up well in the clip above. He is charming, attractive and can drive a narrative which is worth something to OPA. Who wouldn't want to changes lives and slay dragons? Well, Marcus... at first.

3) No Hiding or Looking for Exits

When Olivia makes her affair with the President public, Marcus comes to her defense and declares war on the media. When he goes out to battle he is not playing, hiding or looking for exits. Once Marcus got a taste of being a Gladiator there was no going back.

4) Sometimes You Get to Save The Day

Marcus always wants to get to the truth, even when it’s not his job. Quinn warns “Reverend Marcus” that as Gladiators you sometimes get to save the day, while other days you help clean up a crime scene. Marcus learns this lesson the hard way when he refuses to drop a hunch that there is foul play in an investigation of the Secret Service.

5) “High Booty” Politics

Marcus is focused and at times intense in his quest to help others find justice. There are also times when he is not afraid to laugh at himself. Watch how Marcus uses his “high booty” to help Mellie prepare for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

What does Cornelius Smith Jr. think about his character? Watch the full interview below to see Cornelius explain what sets Marcus apart from the other Gladiators and what it's like being a part of the Scandal cast!

Marcus may be a little different than the other OPA Gladiators but he shares a common thread with them, helping others when they have nowhere else to turn. What will Marcus do next? Watch all-new episodes of Scandal THURSDAYS 9|8c.


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