95 Things You Need to Know Before Scandal's Season 6 Premiere!

95 Things You Need to Know Before Scandal's Season 6 Premiere!

The Scandal Season 6 Premiere is coming! What eye-popping, jaw-dropping moments are in store? We have no idea! All we can do is prepare for all the scandalous shocks headed our way. So, we decided to take a look back at all of Season 5. Do you even remember the days when Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) hung her white hat in that big, white house? Whether you do or not, it may help to look back at the highlights of season with "95 Things You Need to Know Before the Scandal Season 6 Premiere" which is coming your way THURSDAY, JANUARY 26 9|8c only on ABC!

1. Food for Thought: In the Season 5 premiere, we learned that Gettysburger's Fourscore with cheese is Huck (Guillermo Diaz)'s favorite and a Liberty-Size Paul Revere has both a fish sandwich and chicken strips. We wanted to get the important stuff out of the way first, but if you want the scoop on the rest of the season, press on!

2. Waiting Is Overrated: Also in the Season 5 premiere, Olivia convinces Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) to wait until they are both ready to go public with their relationship. Then Sally Langston declares that Olivia Pope has found her way into the president's bed. She has pictures to prove her claim. So much for waiting.

3. Two Little Words: Mellie (Bellamy Young) wants Fitz to apologize. Handing her divorce papers was just flat-out mean. Mellie is willing to deny Sally Langston's story. All Fitz has to do is say those two little magic words. The president does just that. Unfortunately, "get out" wasn't what Mellie was hoping to hear.

4. You've Got Questions, She's Got Answers: After Abby (Darby Stanchfield) lays out how Liv is feeling, Fitz eventually does make a contrite call to Mellie. He says, "I apologize. Come home." Later, dozens of reporters are waiting for Olivia. One asks if she is the president's mistress. Olivia whips around. She pauses for just a moment. Then she answers the question.

5. How'd You Make Out: When Olivia shows up at the White House, Fitz declares that they should tell the truth. Mellie is flabbergasted. Abby is unsettled. Fitz and Olivia, on the other hand, actually seem happy as they make out behind closed doors.

6. Hoochie Mama: Olivia meets up with Mellie while she's searching for some hidden hooch. They have a frank conversation. Mellie lets Liv in on the life she's in store for as she stands next to the president. She also tells her that any additional hooch she may happen to dig up in the White House can be considered her parting gift.

7. Hoochie Papa: Jake (Scott Foley) puts the kibosh on Huck's plan to erase the Internet. It would have been cool, but he has a better idea. He'd much rather polish off a big bottle of vodka and watch the world end. A short time later, Jake gets a call from Olivia, who says she may have made a mistake.

8. The Balcony Scene: Olivia advises Fitz to take Mellie back. They can wait 18 months until he's done his term. Later, Fitz apologizes to Mellie for how he's treated her over the years. He then thanks her for getting him where he is. Fitz lets her know that she is going to be the first woman to be President of the United States.

9. And the Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate: Olivia lets Fitz know that Abby is going to throw her under the bus. It's their only move. Olivia orders Fitz to sit down and let this happen. She wants him to watch her choose him.

10. Fire Alarmed: The Louvre is on fire! Nobody cares! The only things being covered by the news is the lack of comment from the White House about a presidential affair. Jake's revelation that the Louvre is on fire piques Papa Pope's interest. It's regarding a little something known as Lazarus 1.

11. Meet the Mrs.: Jake recruits Charlie to go to Paris with him to deal with the Lazarus 1 situation. They meet up with a beautiful woman named Elise. Jake thought Elise was dead. He grieved. He really enjoyed being married to her.

12. Girl Walks Into a Bar: Former neighborhood activist Marcus Walker (Cornelius Smith Jr.) saw his rising political career derail after he slept with the mayor's wife. The guy's flat broke. Things are looking up though. Quinn (Katie Lowes) offers him a job in the middle of the familiar "gladiator in a suit" speech she once received.

13. Gladiator Walks Up to the Press: After initially turning down the OPA job offer, Marcus is ready to gladiate. Marcus defies Quinn and Huck's direct orders by attacking the press. Their new strategy is to accuse the media of dog-whistle politics, aka racism, sexism, misogyny and more. Welcome aboard, Marcus!

14. Save the Date: After some back and forth about the Brandon Bill, the presidential motorcade makes its way down Wisconsin Avenue into a residential area. One of the residents there just happens to be Olivia Pope. Fitz pops up to her apartment. Olivia wants to know what he's doing. Fitz tells her he's doing the right thing. He's taking his girlfriend out on a date.

15. Hail to the Chief of Staff: Cyrus (Jeff Perry) believes the president really doesn't know anything about him. That's not exactly true. Fitz remembers the times when Cy used to receive memorable packages from his mother during the campaign. It's some of the only times he ever saw him smile. Fitz wants him back. Cyrus will come back, but only as Chief of Staff. Deal!

16. I Do-Over: After the OPA gladiators testify during "Impeachment Week," Olivia makes plans to perjure herself. Abby doesn't want her to go to jail. Perhaps getting married should be put back on the table after an initial poo-pooing of the idea. Fitz thinks so. That's why he does a do-over with a romantic marriage proposal.

17. What Lies Beneath: Jake's ex-wife/current lady love, Elise, is supposedly helping Rowan/Eli/Ex-Command/Damascus Bainbridge/Papa Pope with a prison escape plan. Actually, she's trying to kill him. Good to know.

18. From Betsy Ross…: Olivia asks to see the engagement ring Fitz got for her. It once belonged to Betsy Ross. Liv slips on the ring. She agrees to marry Fitz. No wedding dress, no flowers and no vows. No problem.

19. To Susan Ross: Susan Ross (Artemis Pebdani) pops by to see David Rosen (Joshua Malina). She's looking to quit her job as Vice President of the United States. All she needs is a letter of resignation. David wants to know why she would ever send such a letter. Wine coolers are ordered to get a frank discussion rolling. It's the start of something sweet.

20. Dead Again: Jake doesn't want to hear anything Olivia has to say when she calls him about her impeding nuptials. He'd much rather help Elise carry out her plan. Unfortunately, she's murdered before any of that can happen.

21. Weddings Never Start on Time: Olivia is briefed by the Secret Service just before her wedding until she gets a call from Mellie, who believes Liv is going to make her the next President of the United States. Rowan steps up with former Secret Service agent/B613 man Tom to let his daughter know that Mellie even threw in an old friend just for him.

22. Goodbye Kiss: Jake lets Olivia know that even though Rowan killed Elise, he holds her responsible. She has become the power-hungry, entitled, dangerous woman her father raised her to be. Jake is ordered to leave. He does, but not before giving Olivia a gentle kiss on the lips. Theirs is a complicated relationship.

23. Hail to the Chief of Staff II: Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) wants a job back inside the president's inner circle or she'll do a tell-all interview with Sally Langston. Cyrus sends David Rosen in to quash this problem. That doesn't work. Olivia thinks Elizabeth should go on Sally's show. So she does. Shocker! Elizabeth is totally pro-president. That's because Fitz gave her a job as the vice president's new Chief of Staff.

24. Wine Cooler Heads Prevail: Elizabeth swings by David's office to pick up her seized laptop. The two of them detail their mutual distain for each other. Then Elizabeth gets David to admit he likes her before straddling him sans underwear. Just outside the office door, Susan Ross shows up with a 4-pack of wine coolers. Thankfully, she opts to not personally deliver them.

25. Madam President: Cyrus confronts Olivia about how she's the one who is actually running the world. Fitz does whatever she says. He isn't the president anymore. She is.

26. Arrested Developments: Cyrus manipulates David into helping him hunt down Rowan. The person who masterminded his escape is Olivia Pope, who is placed under arrest. Fitz is devastated to learn that the accusations against Liv are all true.

27. Moving In: Jake lets the president know that he has a lock on Rowan's location. The only one there when he arrives, however, is Tom, who is lifeless on the floor. Fitz tells Olivia that Jake now under orders to bring him in. Fitz also reveals that he's had all of Liv's clothes transported to the White House. That's because she lives there now.

28. Merry Christmas, Charlie Whatever Your Last Name Is: Marcus is busy decorating the OPA office for the holidays. Quinn tries to explain that gladiators don't do Christmas. She's actually feeling a little lonely this holiday season right up until the moment Charlie shows up at her door with a Christmas tree. It's stolen, but still sweet.

29. Gift Exchange: David is impolitely rejected by Elizabeth when he tries to give her a beautiful bracelet as a holiday gift. So he gives it to Susan Ross, who is obviously smitten with her wine cooler drinking buddy. Elizabeth later sees the bracelet on the veep's wrist. Surprisingly, this is a little unsettling for her.

30. Let Freedom Fry: When Huck held Rowan hostage for a spell, he gave him an Underground Railroad from Gettysburger, but he didn't spring for the Freedom Fries. It was a different kind of torture.

31. Who Ya Gonna Call? Filibuster!: Mellie does a little filibustering regarding a Planned Parenthood bill. After many hours of rambling, Mellie's bladder becomes her worst enemy. Thankfully, Susan Ross pops by to ask a lengthy question. This gives the junior senator from Virginia the opening she needs to go wee-wee-wee all the way to the bathroom.

32. Following Procedure: Olivia gives Mellie the inspiration to filibuster on. The junior senator wins the day and becomes a hit with the people. As for Olivia, she misses an important dinner at the White House. Instead, she goes to a facility to undergo a medical procedure. 

33. Russell Up the Truth: Jake tails former Secret Service/B613 man Tom to learn that he's in cahoots with Liv's former fling/B613 man, Russell, who is behind the initiation of Lazarus 1. Jake knows Russell is the one who killed Elise. So he shoots him in the head.

34. Welcome Home: Jake confronts Rowan, who was dropped off at his home by Huck. He knows he wasn't behind Lazarus 1. Rowan welcomes Jake home as the two of them head inside.

35. Moving Out: Fitz is furious that Olivia didn't make it to the big dinner. He accuses her of running. Olivia cries that there is no Vermont or jam or future for them anymore. They never had time to adjust. They never had a chance. Olivia moves out of the White House.

36. Home for the Holidays: Olivia takes a seat on a brand new sofa and enjoys a glass of wine. Snowflakes can be seen outside her window. Olivia watches them fall with a content look on her face. She's obviously happy to be home for Christmas.

37. A Double Lincoln, Freedom Fries and Union Rings for Here: Elizabeth wants David to convince Susan Ross to run for president. After all, the veep is in love with him. So, they head on over to Gettysburger on a date. Finally, we get to see what the place looks like! Who knew they had a cozy little make out booth right in the center of the joint?

38. A Heavy Cy: Cyrus is against the president doing an interview with ambitious journalist Lillian Forrester (guest star Annabeth Gish). He wants to make the most of what little time they have left in the White House. Cy's passionate speech has little effect on Fitz. It leaves him feeling devastated.

39. Chicks Dig Guys with Big White Houses: Lillian begins her interview with Fitz. Then she stops it. She admits she has an enormous crush on him. Fitz asks Lillian out on a date. He's no Andrew Shepherd when he does this, but the prez gets the job done. Wonder if they'll end up in that make out booth at Gettysburger.

40. He's in a Keystone State of Mind: Cyrus tells Fitz that his cousin just died. He has to go. Now. The place he actually has to go to is Pennsylvania. He observes the governor of the state win over a hostile crowd at a town hall meeting. The guy is good. Perhaps even good enough to be President of the United States.

41. Bedroom Politics: Fitz is getting along swimmingly with Lillian Forrester until work-wife Abby interrupts their make-out session in the back the presidential limo. Issues need to be addressed now that he's wild-carding. Wild-carding, by the way, is all about the procedures that are put into play during those time the president is out to have a good time with a new lady in places like, say, the White House.

42. The Sex Talk: Abby and Fitz have another contentious conversation after Lillian is caught on camera leaving a private White House exit. At the end of the chat, the president realizes his work wife was right. He even puts official puts things on a first name basis between them.

43. There's This Guy: Papa Pope lets his daughter know that Jake is seeing someone. Huck believes Rowan and Jake are up to something. Olivia questions her father about this. It's clear she has her doubts that Papa Pope is truly retired. She questions Jake about this, but he's not talking. A short time later, Olivia blows up at Huck, who believes her father is still the monster who made her.

44. Two Girls for Every Boy: Susan Ross announces she's running for president. Afterwards, she invites David over for dinner. That means she probably wants to sleep with him. Elizabeth feels this is a good thing. Of course, she calls dibs on having sex with David first. She's a modern woman.

45. Oh, Towel Boy: Francisco Vargas is the current governor of Pennsylvania. He's also the person Cyrus Beene wants to make the next President of the United States. Ethan gives a rundown on all the gov's selling points. Cyrus is intrigued when he hears Vargas was once Special Forces. He dismisses Ethan and summons a towel-wearing Tom (of former Secret Service/B613 fame) in to get to work.

46. Holding On For a Hero: Olivia wants Huck and Quinn to do a complete background check on Vanessa Moss, the woman Jake is seeing. In other news, the president is shaking hands with the hero governor from Pennsylvania for a photo op. Abby introduces Vargas to Cyrus. Both men are pleased to meet each other—Cyrus a little more so than the unsuspecting hero gov.

47. The Presidential Playboy Mansion: Mellie brings her young son, Teddy, over to see his dad. Unfortunately, Fitz wasn't expecting this visit as evidenced by the fact that Lisa from the Treasury Department pops out into the bedroom wearing nothing but a fluffy little White House robe.

48. Just Stopped by to Not Say Hi: A White House meeting between Olivia and Fitz is arranged. Small talk ensues. They also chat about the president's recent transgressions as well as the fact that Olivia and Mellie are currently in cahoots.

49. The Spy Who Loved Me: Olivia spies on Jake and his new lady love. She wants to know what he's up to. Jake breaks into Olivia's place. He knows she's been spying on him. He also knows no one will ever do for her what he can do for her. Jake begins an intense seduction, but it doesn't last.

50. He's Back!: Fitz invites Susan Ross in to see him. He assures her that she has his endorsement to be president. She may not want it right now, but Fitz will earn her respect by being the president, and the man, who is worthy of it.

51. A Greater Calling: The reason Governor Vargas doesn't want to run for president is because his 5-year-old daughter is sick with cancer. Cyrus tells the tale of how his paralyzed brother shaped the course of his life by answering a calling that goes beyond himself, beyond his family. It's a truly moving story, and it accomplishes its purpose.

52. The Marrying Man: As mentioned, Olivia wants to know what Jake is doing with his new girlfriend. Well, one thing he may have on the agenda is booking a nice spot to honeymoon—perhaps on an island.

53. Liv Gets an Earful: Jake is hip to Liv's not-so-secret camera setup. He lectures her on her daddy/president issues before assuring her that he's in love with Vanessa. He also has a few other jarring things to say.

54. The Susan Ross Show: Mellie lays out the framework for her campaign to Hollis Doyle. The oily oilman steals the idea as he announces his candidacy for President of the United States. Susan Ross yells at Fitz in the Oval Office. She's upset that Hollis Doyle is now running against her in large part due to the president's actions.

55. Toe Jammed: After Huck realizes the guy who is dating his ex-wife isn't the six-toed man he once tortured, he realizes that it's time for him to let go of his family. It's time for him to move on.

56. White Hat Down: Abby realizes that Cyrus is cheating on the president. Not literally. That wouldn't make sense, as she points out to David. Cyrus is in cahoots with Francisco Vargas. Abby agrees to not tell Fitz, but she still wants to take Cyrus down.

57. Hail to the Chief of Staff III: Abby lets Fitz know that Cyrus is running Francisco Vargas's presidential campaign. She advises him on how he can make this work for him. All he has to do is fire Cyrus and hire her. Actually, Abby is the one who has to do the firing.

58. Burger-Gate 2016!: Focus groups show that the general public believes Mellie is aloof and out of touch. So, it's time to head over to Gettysburger for a Double Lincoln with cheese. Things are going well until Mellie makes a faux pas while describing her false past excursions to scarf down a serving of Freedom Fries.

59. A One-Woman Man: Susan is suddenly less-than-stellar during her mock debate practice session. Liz orders David to fix whatever is wrong with her. He does. David dumps Elizabeth and declares that he's in love with Susan Ross.

60. Monster Mash-Up: After Governor Vargas's brother, Alex, offers Olivia dirt on Susan Ross in exchange for dirt on Edison Davis, Papa Pope lets his daughter know that she'd be hurting someone who never did anything but be nice to her. Later, Liv learns that her dad and her ex are actually in cahoots.

61. Meeting in the Ladies Room: Olivia confronts Jake about the bank accounts while seducing him. She has a message for her father. She wants Jake to tell Papa Pope that whatever game he's playing that, in the end, she will win.

62. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Susan asks the president why he cheated on his wife. She does this because she has doubts about David. Fitz lets her know that if she believes that someone is cheating then they probably are.

63. What a Knockout!: Let the debate begin! The politically correct Mellie Grant is poised. The politically incorrect Hollis Doyle is a crowd-pleaser. The politically inexperienced Susan Ross is a deer in headlights. The president calls his veep during a commercial break to let her know that she only needs one good punch to turn things around. Susan's story about how her military husband was killed in Afghanistan is a total knockout.

64. Respect Your Papa: Frankie Vargas doesn't want to use the rumors about Edison Davis being addicted to painkillers. Nevertheless, the news breaks. Edison orders Papa Pope to pull in the reins on his daughter. That was a mistake. You just don't give orders to Command.

65. A Story of Defiance: Fitz tells Susan that he can make her problem go away. Or she could just come clean. He wants her to earn the office of the president. That's not something he ever did. Fitz shuts the door so the two of them can have some privacy. He has a little story to tell.

66. Give Some Props: Susan and David are living out a fake relationship. It's all Elizabeth's idea. David wishes that it could go back to being a real relationship. He loves her. Susan assures him that he's nothing more than a prop to her though.

67. Mean Girl: Marcus takes Mellie to Los Angeles so she can go on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to read some Mean Tweets. Marcus reads some about himself to prove a point. Who knew he had such a "high booty?" Marcus wants Mellie to show the world that she can laugh at herself. So she reads some Mean Tweets!

68. Hello, Andrew: Abby lets Fitz know that one of the women he slept with, Lillian Forrester, met with Andrew Nichols, who has recently regained his ability to speak. The once-comatose ex-veep is now talking about how the president went to war for his mistress.

69. Mutual Disgust: Liz approaches Huck to take care of things with Andrew. That's not going to happen. In other news, Mellie's visit to smooth things out with Andrew goes well at first. Then things goes south.

70. Monster Move: Abby isn't onboard with the president's plan to take the fall in the Andrew Nichols fiasco. Olivia lets her know that she's not a monster and she can always come back to OPA. That'll be fun, right? Maybe not. Abby pays a visit to Andrew. Olivia soon finds out why.

71. Goodbye, Andrew: Olivia asks Papa Pope for help keeping tabs on Lillian. Jake is on it. Papa Pope assures Olivia that when her plan fails she'll only have one option left. Olivia doesn't believe that's true until she pays a visit to Andrew and pulls up a chair.

72. Crossed Off: After the brutal bludgeoning of the former Vice President of the United States in a secret underground room beneath the White House (these things happen), the current President of the United States holds his ex-veep's killer close promising everything will be okay. Abby enters the room. She's horrified at the bloody scene. Olivia lays out all her next moves. She also gives Abby a warning to never cross her.

73. Home Is Where You Hang Your White Hat: News of Andrew's death from an unfortunate fall breaks. Fitz addresses the nation. As for Olivia, she gets cleaned up. Quinn and Huck drop her at home. Not her apartment though. She comes home to papa.

74. Not Married Yet: The guest list for Jake and Vanessa's wedding comes in at about 600 people. It's as high profile of a wedding as they come. Olivia wants to get more information from Jake by exploiting his weakness, which happens to be her.

75. Good Thing Papa's Not Home: Olivia tells Jake that he doesn't have to get married. She retreats to her bedroom. She steps back into the hallway to find Jake standing there. The two of them share a passionate kiss.

76. The Wedding Planner: Olivia suggests Jake ditch Vanessa at the altar. This will destroy his political prospects going forward. It's the perfect plan. Too bad Papa Pope knows all about it.

77. One Less Guest: Olivia lets Jake know that she can't be with him. She unleashes some venomous words capping it off by saying that she will always choose Fitz over him. It's the only way to save Jake's life.

78. Marriage of Inconvenience: Will Jake marry Vanessa? Yes, yes he will.

79. The Plane Truth: Olivia begins a press war with Abby over the bogus mechanical difficulties allegedly keeping Air Force One grounded thereby delaying all others takeoffs. Marcus suggests Mellie take charge of the situation. She does so by having a tarmac meeting with Fitz where she learns few truths about her campaign manager.

80. Floored: Susan Ross doesn't say much at the big political dinner. When she does speak up, she pretty much puts the governor of Florida in her place. David says he was proud of her as he takes his place on the floor next to her bed. Susan tearfully admits that she forgot what type of a man he is deep down. The two of them reconcile…briefly.

81. Gone in a Flash: Alex Vargas harasses Michael into helping him get dirt on Cyrus. After Cyrus admits that he's sleeping with someone else, Michael is devastated. He turns over incriminating info to Alex, or so it seems. The flash drive Michael gave him was actually a setup to make it look like Alex leaked a photo of his brother with his sick daughter. This drives a wedge between Frankie and Alex.

82. The Takedown: Olivia meets up with Abby, who calls out her former friend for how she treated her once she got a little power. Then Olivia declares that the reason she's so angry is that she wants her White House back. They need to do what they should have done a long time ago—take down Hollis Doyle.

83. Presidentially Poped: A Hollis Doyle smear campaign has little effect on the presidential candidate's popularity. Hollis declares that he'll make Mellie or Susan his vice presidential candidate. The honor will go to whoever drops out first. Olivia meets with Hollis regarding this deal, or so it seems. Let's just say Hollis got Poped.

84. Edison Unplugged: In order to get out from under her father's thumb, Olivia advises Edison to say everything he's ever wanted to say about Hollis Doyle. So he does. His is a full-on animated rant. It's the type of speech that could cost him the presidency, which is the plan.

85. Dirty Politics: Olivia and team have enough dirt on Susan to get her to drop out of the race. Abby has something on Mellie, too. A meeting is set. It takes place in the Oval Office with a lot more participants than Abby was expecting. All the major players are there for a divulging of dirt. In the end, Susan drops out leaving Mellie to be the Republican nominee for president.

86. Dumping David, The Sequel: David tries to explain himself to Susan after he's caught in another lie. He loves her. He thinks she's amazing. Susan knows this. She just doesn't want to be with someone who doesn't truly believe in her. So she dumps him...again!

87. Not a Done Deal: Olivia is surprised to learn that the real dirt Abby had was actually about the abortion. Only Olivia doesn't consider that dirt. The news wouldn't have hurt her. It would have only hurt Fitz. Olivia is surprised that her father is the one who give Abby the scoop. Papa Pope may not be done with her yet.

88. Let the Sun Shine In: Rowan/Eli/Papa Pope/Command pays Edison a visit. He knows Olivia was behind his move to tank his presidential run. Jake forcefully expresses his displeasure with what's happened. Once Rowan leaves the room, he changes his tune. He wants help from Olivia. Jake wants Edison to tell her that he's chasing the sun. Will he catch it?

89. Conventional Wisdom: Mellie believes the speech Fitz wants to give opening night of the Republican National Convention is an abomination. Maybe it was just a rough draft. Anyway, Mellie calls him out on it. Fitz assures her that his speech is the best way to help her. Mellie doesn't buy it.

90. Show of Support: Fitz contemplates where he'll end up after his White House run ends. Vermont pops up as a possibility. A short time later, Fitz finds a copy of Olivia's medical records on Abby's desk. He appears to be furious. Olivia and Fitz meet in the Oval Office. The two of them have a seat. Fitz admits that he misses her amongst other things.

91. Gun to the Head… What Would You Do?: Olivia bursts into her father's home declaring that Jake is about to be announced as Mellie Grant's running mate. She wants the future veep candidate to exit the premises with her. Papa Pope holds a gun to Jake's head. It's a standoff, a showdown.

92. Seems Like Old Times: Eli "Papa" Pope blackmails Cyrus to convince him to add Jake as Frankie Vargas's running mate. He'll expose the Harrisburg hostage setup if he doesn't get what he wants. Cyrus goes to Olivia for help.

93. Take This Job and Love It: Jake doesn't want to be vice president. He'd rather move into a quaint little house with Olivia. He dares her to be normal. That's not going to happen. Olivia doesn't want to live an unimpressive life. Jake gets the picture.

94. A View from the Veep Seats: Cyrus dumps Tom, who is crushed. Assassins can be so fragile. Cy is getting back together with Michael. All this transpires as Frankie Vargas is about to announce his running mate. Mellie's V.P. is introduced as well. Many watch this event from the comfort of their own homes—one proud papa in particular.



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