Top 11 Most Devastating Olivia and Fitz Moments of Scandal Season 2

Top 11 Most Devastating Olivia and Fitz Moments of Scandal Season 2

Careful what you wish for, girl. Olivia Pope once said she wanted "painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love" and she sure got that when she fell in love with the President. Break out your tissues and get the popcorn and wine on standby, because we're counting down the Top 11 Most Devastating Olivia and Fitz Moments of Scandal Season 2!

11. Late-Night Phone Calls

When season 2 started, Olivia and Fitz were trying to stay away from each other, but Fitz couldn't resist calling Olivia late at night from the Oval Office. And Olivia couldn't resist taking his calls.


10. Breaking Up (Again)

"We're done." With two simple words, Fitz broke a zillion hearts, including his own.


9. The Call

Fitz was fighting for his life and Olivia was out of her mind having to actually plan his funeral when she got the call that changed everything. "Hi."


8. "You Ruined Me."

Set to the destruction of a marriage, Olivia and Fitz finally start to talk about Defiance and betrayal and... okay, we're gonna stop typing now because FEELS. 


7. Spy Game

Olivia finds out Jake's been spying on her and that's creepy, but creepier still is when she figures out it's because her ex ordered him to.


6. Defiance

No more phone calls, no more dancing around the issue. Olivia and Fitz finally just talk to each other about Defiance and if they can get past it. Spoiler alert: they did.


5. Earning Olivia

"Devastating" doesn't always mean "bad," you guys. Or we're just looking to lighten this list up a bit because... damn. Anyway, watch Fitz choose Olivia. It'll help, trust us.


4. Run, Fitz, Run

Olivia loves Fitz too much to let him give up being President for her. She convinces him to run for reelection, even if it will make it harder for them to be together. Because this relationship needs MORE drama, right?


3. The Shower Scene

Need more happy because this is a rough list, guys. So let's take a break and remember how great it was seeing Olitz in their honeymoon phase and saying "Hi" in the shower.


2. Olivia's Choice

This is not fair! After the whole season, Olivia's going to choose to NOT be with Fitz? Those two are killing us!


1. The Rose Garden

Could it have been any other moment? This flashback to the heart of Olivia and Fitz's affair is everything Olivia wanted: painful, difficult, life-changing, extraordinary and definitely devastating.

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