Top 5 Reasons We Love Huck

Top 5 Reasons We Love Huck

Everyone working at Olivia Pope and Associates is amazing, but you have to agree that there’s just something special about Huck. Most of the time he’s the rock, the one that stands strong—if a bit awkwardly—when Harrison, Abby or Quinn are losing their cool. He may have done some really shady/awful things in his past—who on Scandal hasn’t?—but here are the Top 5 Reasons We Love Huck anyway.

5. He’s Lost So Much
Huck has been through the wringer and his work for B613 has cost him everything. And despite all of that, he’s still managed to become an amazing person that even the great Olivia Pope can’t do without.

4. He’s Vulnerable

With all of the super-spy stuff, it’s easy to forget that Huck has had it rough. But even he can be hurt—just look at the team’s reaction!—and that makes us love him even more.


3. He Wants What We Want
Despite having the skills of a secret agent and an exciting job working for Olivia Pope, Huck just wants a normal life. And that makes sense given that he lost his chance at one while working for B613.


2. He’s a Total Badass
Seriously, how cool is it that Huck knows how to hack computers or track someone with electronic surveillance or can go all spy-jitsu? That he uses all of these skills for good instead of cashing in on them like Charlie or Becky makes him amazing.


1. He Takes Care of His Friends
No matter what, Huck watches out for the people he cares for, and there is nothing more lovable than that. Watch him talk Quinn down in this clip, it’s the best. HuckleberryQuinn forever!



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